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What’s Your Dominant Sign?

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    What’s Your Dominant Sign?

    And how well do you relate to it?

    It's Aries.
    My sun is in Aries, just like Mercury, Mars and Saturn

    I don't relate to it, at all and it makes 0% sense to me.
    I'm not forceful, dominating, agressive nor fiercely independent, nor necessarily straightforward and direct.

    My moon is in Libra, which in combination with sun in Aries makes a little more sense, although there are still too many influences from Aries for the Astrology report for it to make any real sense to me.
    "Distress, whether psychic, physical, or intellectual, need not at all produce nihilism.
    Such distress always permits a variety of interpretations."



      Just like my planets, my dominant sign is different on different calculators. It is always Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius. Not only are most of my planets there, but also my mid points. I also have most of my planets in 7th, 8th and 9th house.

      I relate to that combination of energies, completely and definitely.

      But Libra is my sun sign, and on it's the clear dominant. I have a thread on Libra and how I don't relate, and isfTay sent me some videos on Libra that I still want- and NEED - to watch. But I just haven't had time. So I'll write my thoughts when I'm able to develop them more. But ultimately it depends on what Libra actually means. If it means peacekeeping, others-focus and having a loose sense of my own opinion, then absolutely not, this should not be anywhere near me. I'm opinionated and autonomously minded to a fault. If it means creating my own identity, forging myself from the flame (Vulcan) and creating beauty, then yes, that's me.

      I'm in the opposite boat from Vive basically. My Libra makes less sense. I have no Aries aside from moon in the first house (my moon is in Pisces, but first house is Aries energy). But people often guess that I'm an Aries. Usually people guess I'm a fire sign; I've had people make this assumption who barely knew me and when I never asked; they just think it's so obvious that they have to point it out. A lot of the times they guess Aries, but sometimes the other fire signs. So, it's like things are flipped and kind of counter intuitive. That said I think Libra-Scorp-Sag is more correct when you take the real meaning of things into account.

      I relate strongly to Scorpio and Sag. If those were my only two signs I would have no protests. That said, my rising in Aquarius is very accurate - not to mention Aquarius in 12th. It's a very 5ish sign and I'm offworld with my own unique strong opinions. Pisces moon in 1st actually makes sense in ways that people might not expect. So really, my only protest is "Why so much Libra?"
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