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    Asteroids & Hypothetical Planets

    Let's talk about hypothetical planets and asteroids. I just found that a few of mine were excessively accurate and I want to explore more. I'll post about it below. Here's how to find them:


    2) Extended chart selection

    3) Additional objects (scroll down the page)

    a) For Astroids, click on Asteroid name/number list with 21922 names . Find your desired asteroid on the list, select it.
    b) For Hypothetical planets, click on this: "List of other horoscope factors and "hypothetical" planets" - you will find it there.

    5) "Click here to show the chart!"

    Here you can post about any asteroids or hypothetical planets that catch your interest, and compare your results.

    I moved the discussion of Love Asteroids, specifically, to a thread called Love Asteroids: Eros, Cupido, Amor, Psyche. To delve deeply into those asteroids, you can use that thread. This one is for any asteroids, and feel free to make spin-off thread if you feel that any one requires more in-depth focus.
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    HADES: A hypothetical planet.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	82588566_785304221952622_987221086506582016_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	82.4 KB ID:	6490

    I saw this today and looked into it. When I did, this is what I found and what I posted underneath that Hades picture:

    I KNEW IT! My Hades is near my Chiron, which is right between 2 & 3 house (right on the line) in Taurus. I lost my voice forever (I speak in a whisper), and used to be a passionate and professional singer with a major budding career at 16, when I fell ill. This is the Chrion in Taurus (related to the throat) in 2nd (material health and career) and 3rd (communication, social activity, interests) ---- all of this was CRUSHED by losing my voice and being ill. I had been wealthy for my age before that, but now had no more opportunity to earn money in anything I was capable of doing, not even most regular jobs involving communication, with my whispery voice.

    (Fwiw, my Mercury is in Scorpio, adding to this mess.)

    So the Chiron being right there made sense. When I read the explanation of Hades I thought "this sounds like my Chiron issues' - and it was right near it!!!!!!!!! But instead of being on the line between the 2nd and 3rd HOUSE, it was right on the line between Taurus and Gemini - but deeper into the third house. (Communication.)
    So, where is your Hades? Or any other asteroid you find interesting? Me curious. After seeing such accurate OBVIOUS placements in mine, I figured I might as well ask.
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      This is a bit confusing. There's a Lilith on the scrolldown menu on, but you can also type these in:

      Asteroid Lilith: 1181
      Osculating Lilith/ True Lilith: h13
      Black Moon Lilith/ Mean Lilith: h21
      Dark Moon Lilith/ Waldemath Black Moon: h58

      Type them into manual entry, like so:

      Click image for larger version

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      Here's the info I found about them so far.

      From Darkstar astrology...
      Asteroid Lilith

      1181 on The Maiden (Puberty & Virginity), Colour White.

      ORBIT. She is the only solid representation of Lilith found in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Takes 4 years to orbit the Sun. Discovered in 1927. Diameter of 67km.

      KEY WORDS. Rebellion, feminist, prostitution, exile, freedom fighter, confrontational, equality, impulsive, innovative, unconventional, asexual, instinctual, hands-on healing.

      Black Moon Lilith

      True (Osculating) Lilith. h13 on & Mean Lilith from their regular drop down menu. The Mother (Creativity & Sexuality), Colour Red.

      ORBIT. It has a 9 year orbit and interestingly spends 9 months in each sign. Very apt for the Full Moon phase. This describes beautifully the gestation of Osculating Lilith to Mean Lilith in the corridor. The corridor being the womb.

      KEY WORDS. Magic, animal magnetism, kundalini, creative force, tantric sex, seduction, intuition, psychic ability, imagination, poetry, psychic healing, hypnotism, charisma, glamour, shamanism, mushrooms, psychedelic drugs.

      This is not a solid object, it is a point of alignment. The Black Moon is the apogee of the Moons orbit, the point that is farthest from the earth. Just as points like the North Node and the Vertex are hugely important, so is the lunar apogee.

      Black Moon Lilith orbit just as there is a Lunar mean and true Node, so there is a Mean and True (osculating) Lilith. As I have found True Lilith to have just as strong an influence as Mean Lilith. Together they form according to Lilith expert Kelly Hunter, a Black Moon Corridor. True Lilith has a wildly vacillating orbit and demonstrates the same quality as an anaretic Planet; potent, fermenting, on the verge of changing. Mean Lilith is more like a fermented refined and stable magic.

      Black Moon Lilith is like NEPTUNE/ERIS. This part of the Lilith myth corresponds to the forbidden fruit episode. Where Lilith comes back as a serpent. The serpent representing occult knowledge. The apple representing sex or enthogens. Neptune is very much like a psychic sponge. The zone has shamanic qualities, a similar effect to using drugs to break down the barriers to the unconscious. Like deceptive Neptune when drugged, this zone can let in the demons as well as messages from the spirits.

      Black Moon Lilith feature.
      Dark Moon Lilith

      Also known as Waldemath Moon. h58 on Menopause & The Shadow). Colour Black.

      KEY WORDS. Vengence, Sadomasochism, Demons, The Shadow, Rage, Anti-mother, Fairytales, Nightmares, Ghosts, Nymphomania, Gremlins, Psycho, Toxins, Depth psychology, Stalkers, emotional pain, Catharsis, Madness.

      Mountain Astrologer...
      The Three Liliths

      Astrologically, there are three Liliths and you need three different ephemerides to find them. She doesn't make it easy. These include the Asteroid Lilith, found orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter; the controversial Dark Moon Lilith, said to be the Earth's second Moon by those who have claimed to see it over the last four centuries; and Black Moon Lilith, an abstract, geometrical point in space (see diagram *).

      Asteroid Lilith

      Asteroid #1181 bears Lilith's name and orbits around the Sun approximately every four years. I think of the female-named asteroids as aspects of the Great Goddess, and Lilith is one of the most ancient. The asteroid seems to represent split-off, demonized aspects of the feminine, the result of long-standing cultural projections that perceive feminine roles and attributes as shameful, untrustworthy, and dangerous. Our personal Lilith placement may show where we struggle with social judgments that define how the feminine qualities should be expressed in order to "fit in." These cultural projections define us, but are not us. Here we may not be seen clearly. A prominent Asteroid Lilith in the birth chart may indicate a person who does not fit the cultural stereoty pe, leading to some kind of exile from the community.

      One woman with the asteroid on her Ascendant has a dark, gloomy visage and her straggly hair adds an unkempt look. She does not speak much and is uncomfortable in social situations. She lives simply in the country and works best in the outdoors. This woman could not and would not conform to social expectations.

      The symbol for Asteroid Lilith is a stylized hand that signals warning, greeting, or blessing.(5) Perhaps it is how we approach her that will determine what this hand gesture means. In the classic book, Asteroid Goddesses, Lilith is described as signifying resentment and inner rage; she sets herself apart, flies into exile. She is fiercely independent. She refuses to submit to the assumed authority of another or to compromise her beliefs. Lilith asks us to deal with confrontation and issues of equality in relationship. Her asteroid ephemeris can also be found in this book.(6)

      Dark Moon Lilith

      Some say there is a second Moon circling Earth, a mysterious dark moon that is only seen on rare dates when it is opposite the Sun or when its shadowy silhouette crosses in front of the Sun. Although its existence has not been verified, those astronomers who claim to have viewed it say it is one-fourth the size of our familiar Moon and three times as far away.(7) It takes 119 days to orbit Earth, about ten days per sign. This is Dark Moon Lilith. Supposedly sighted as long ago as 1618, this body came to broader attention through the work of astrologer Sepharial in 1918, and more recently through the writings of Delphine Jay, who also published an ephemeris for the Dark Moon Lilith.(8)

      Like a dust cloud, Dark Moon Lilith absorbs the light into itself, a very different process from that of our Sun-reflecting Moon. Whereas the reflective Moon represents personal, subjective feelings, the Dark Moon represents a primal, impersonal, creative instinct that seeks identification apart from the physical and emotional realms.

      According to Delphine Jay's research, the effect of Dark Moon Lilith is distinctly impersonal. When her expression is self-centered, she can be quite negative; when the emotional content is directed to higher centers, she enhances creative, mental, aesthetic, and even spiritual expression. "Lilith strictly symbolizes the objective thinking approach. Anything else is unsuccessful."(9) The Dark Moon position is where we must grow beyond our habitual patterns of our early Moon conditioning in order to remember the ancient exaltation of our true spiritual parentage.

      Black Moon Lilith

      Perhaps the most subtle and intriguing of the three Liliths, Black Moon is not a physical body but an abstract, geometrical point, like the Ascendant or the Vertex. Because the Moon's path around the Earth is elliptical, as opposed to circular, it has two foci, or centers, the Earth being one and Black Moon Lilith the other. We can also describe this point as the apogee of the Moon's orbit - the place where it is farthest from Earth.

      The center of gravity between the Earth and Moon is inside the Earth. As part of the Earth-Moon system, Black Moon is a point or energetic vortex intimately bound to the center of the Earth. Within this context, Lilith is a twin to the core energy of the Earth, the deep heart of fire that feeds and sustains our bodies and the body of the Earth. The creative vitality of the Sun gives life to the Earth and fuels this central core fire.

      As a centerpoint of the Moon's orbit, Black Moon Lilith works in relationship with the Earth-Moon system and with the Sun. As a second center of reference, she gives a sense of rhythm to the Earth, taking the dynamics of relationship beyond the personal Moon-Venus energies into more subtle dimensions that are essential to our lives. For this reason Black Moon Lilith has a strong impact on relationship dynamics. Representing the closest reach of the Moon to the Sun, she is also a reference point in our personal lives that brings us into relationship with the heart of our Sun-fueled experience on Earth, an emotional intelligence informed by the wisdom of earthy instinct. Since our culture has lost - even rejected, as Lilith was rejected - this kind of natural wisdom, it is more difficult to tap into and trust it. Relationships that carry the Lilith energy are initiatory, soul-to-soul meetings that open into a deeper center where personal and impersonal experience merge. Can we trust this energy that is unraveling our edges, tapping into such a deep well? Can we trust ourselves?

      The Black Moon point is where we are lured into our more self-centered illusions for the purpose of purging negative desires, thereby leading us to the deeper truth within our hearts, the longings and yearnings of our souls. She insists that we feel through, let go, and surrender to something essential and transparent in us that is primary - the bedrock beneath the shifting sands, the passion of the soul.

      In Unremembered Country, Susan Griffin beautifully articulates the essence of this core energy: "As I go into the Earth, she pierces my heart. As I penetrate further, she unveils me. When I have reached her center, I am weeping openly. I have known her all my life, yet she reveals stories to me, and these stories are revelations, and I am transformed. Each time I go to her I am born like this. Her renewal washes over me endlessly, her wounds caress me; I become aware of all that has come between us, of the noise between us, the blindness, of something sleeping between us. Now my body reaches out to her."(10)

      Mean or True?

      Here's another link I haven't read yet, but looks interesting.
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        For me:

        ???????Asteroid Lilith: 1181 -> Scorpio 9th
        Osculating Lilith/ True Lilith: h13 -> Scorpio 8th
        Black Moon Lilith/ Mean Lilith: h21 -> Libra 8th
        Dark Moon Lilith/ Waldemath Black Moon: h58 -> Gemini 4th

        Scrolldown menu: Libra 8th