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Love Asteroids: Eros, Cupido, Amor, Psyche

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    Love Asteroids: Eros, Cupido, Amor, Psyche

    I had started another thread on Asteroids and Hypothetical planets in Astrology, but I decided to move the discussion of Love Asteroids here.

    To find your Asteroids:


    2) Extended chart selection

    3) Additional objects (scroll down the page)

    a) For Astroids, click on Asteroid name/number list with 21922 names . Find your desired asteroid on the list, select it.

    5) "Click here to show the chart!"

    I will share some information about these planets below, and also my personal astrological relationship to them. Feel free to add any thoughts of your own - personal, philosophical or knowledgeable. Questions too. Let's delve into Love Asteroids. Each one may be discussed separately, or the lot may be dissected together.


    This is the best link I've found yet.

    The Love Asteroids: Cupido, Amor, Eros and Psyche

    By C. Marguerite Hafeman

    So much more information and insight on romantic issues can be found by looking at the natal positions of those asteroids most commonly associated with the pursuit of love. Let's take a cruise on down past Venus and Mars, check out how Cupido, Amor, Eros and Psyche can make the dance of love that much more piquant and complex.

    Asteroid CupidoAsteroid Amor: Amor is the Roman god of love; the asteroid represents compassion, empathy and loving kindness. As astrologer Demetra George notes, Amor represents a state of loving rather than falling in love. Amor can represent love of anything dear to the heart; George suggests that the archetype functions as the intermediary between the sensual love of Venus and the higher, platonic love of Neptune. Astrologer Zane B. Stein relates Amor to idealized love and related feelings. This would be warmth and love as one believes it should be; a person with a strongly placed Amor believes in the notion of "true love" and searches for the "soul mate". Martha Lang-Wescott notes that the sign, house and aspect pattern associated with Amor demonstrates conditions that are put on "unconditional giving and loving"; therefore the natal placement can show what keeps us from living up to our own ideals and expectations of what love really is. It can also symbolize what we substitute for love, what were our role models for love and our experience and examples of true, perfect and ideal love.

    The natal house Amor occupies is where the person believes they will be able to express this highest form of love. Since the asteroid represents an ideal, if it is afflicted the person can feel incapable of achieving his ideal love or unworthy of being given love. One may even do self-sabotage in order to avoid experiencing love up close and real, since unconditional love does not easily exist within a framework of control and predictability. Zane suggests that planet in square or opposition to Amor can represent something else desirable that is preferred to love. One person's Amor conjunct a planet in another's chart brings feeling of love, however if that person also has a natal planet in hard aspect to Amor, it conflicts with the other person's chart and the result is a volatile state of love/hate.

    Amor in opposition to planets or other love asteroids can indicate a situation where opposites attract; the loved one functions as a devil's advocate or as an expression of one's own shadow. Hard aspects in general tends to link the native up with people whose concept of love and sharing is very different from their own, resulting in various distortions of the impulse to love such as withholding, manipulating, caretaking, domination-submission scenarios etc.

    Amor retrograde could intensify perfectionist conditions placed on the attainment of love. Correspondingly, the individual can be overly idealistic, controlling or attach a list of entitlements to their definition of love; conversely they may be judgmental of humanity at large, or feel so intrinsically unlovable that they never reach out to anyone in love. They might again attract those who cannot and will not return their affections in a normal way. To the degree that the concept of love has been distorted (e.g. associated essentially with a certain standard of perfection, pain or sexual dysfunction,) will be the degree to which one attracts those who are unsuitable and even damaging to them.

    The sign and house Amor is found in can indicate the nature of issues that can block or interferes with the exchange of or participation in earthly, obtainable love. For example, Amor in Taurus and the second house can be very materialistic, putting money before love; or they require a lover who will cater to all sensual demands, in and out of bed. Placed in Cancer and the sixth house Amor might represent a compulsive caretaker of those selected for appearing weak in some way or it could represent someone who makes excessive, child-like demands for nurturing on others. In Pisces one can attract experiences of victimization and exploitation in connection with love; placed in the third house they may haunt the local strip joints to find it. Asteroid Amor in Leo might require constant adulation and assurances for being the wonderful lover they think they are; placed in the tenth house, they may be adored as powerful authority figures. Rock musician Jimi Hendrix was born with asteroid Amor in his tenth house of career and public life, in square to Pluto and the Vertex of Fate in the eighth house of sex, death, power and occult influences. Jimi's music certainly had an enchanting effect; the same combination points to the circumstances surrounding his untimely death from complications related to taking drugs.

    Asteroid Eros:What About Asteroid Psyche?Square or opposition between Eros and Amor: Sex is considered as separate from love. One may keep a mistress for great sex and a wife for serving the ideal of "pure" love in a committed relationship. Or this could be someone who loves being social, however keeps the love object at home. A softer contact between these two asteroids could symbolize a tantric union between erotic desire and platonic concepts of love and friendship.

    Square or opposition between Eros and Cupido: This aspect can indicate excitement and erotic stimulation generated by playing the seductive love games you enjoy, in the company of someone who physically turns you on and who can play games too. In a square the exercise may degenerate into competition; in an opposition that which initially attracts you may be the very traits in another you seek to bring into line later.

    Square or opposition between Cupido and Amor: Can indicates one who plays seductive love games in order to feel sexy or desirable, but who reserves their highest form of love for someone or something else in another setting altogether. Or the preliminary games of love constitute a test to see how much and in what manner the other is prepared to give.

    Square or Opposition between Psyche and a Love Asteroid: Introduces a wounding element into the mix, wherein the individual may initially attempt to split off emotional and love needs from the necessary challenges and disillusioning experiences that must come with earthly life. Conversely, there may be a pattern of struggle and frustration around trying to get various love objects to cooperate with the individual's expectations of sacred union, perfect romance, endless attraction, utopia of twin-soul compatibility, etc.

    Any of the Love Asteroids in Strong Aspect to the Moon's Nodes, Midheaven or Ascendant:A Love Asteroid Unaspected or Weakly Aspected in a Natal Chart: Can actually represent a sizeable problem for the native, in that the energy represented by the placement then tends to express in an unconscious and unrestrained manner. This state of being matters because the expression of love and attainment of it in interaction with others constitutes a vital aspect of human existence. In this circumstance, aspects made with another person's planets or points can trigger all sorts of surprising phenomenon good or bad, until the individual comes to a conscious realization of the psychological dynamics insinuated by the natal sign and house placement of the asteroid.

    Love Asteroids in Aspect to Planets:

    Sun: The Sun represents essential identity, the true center of one's reason for being. Sun located close to a love asteroid would take the native's love act nation-wide; a love asteroid in hard aspect to the Sun could have the effect of blocking either one's own ability to love others or conversely can direct libido energy onto other external targets. Issues around parity in giving and receiving would concern aspects made to either Sun or Moon. Witness asteroid Eros in conjunction to the Sun, both in square to Venus; in a client's chart this indicated conscious suppression of her own formidable female sexual nature by becoming overweight instead.

    Moon: The Moon represents security needs and the nurturing function; but in aspect to love asteroids the expression of this principle can go in weird directions. For example, a Moon in Aquarius person would likely require a certain amount of novelty, detachment and independence; they can therefore be drawn to the eccentric, unearthly, unavailable or fascist personality, depending on personal preference. It's another issue entirely, as to whether such traits in a potential loved one are actually healthy for a long-term or intimate relationship. Parental murderer Eric Menendez has Cupido and Amor in Pisces closely trine natal Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius; the two planets are straddling the foundation of the chart, pointing to unconscious mother, nurturing and security issues.

    Mercury: With Mercury involved, communication is employed as a seductive turn-on. In return, the object of desire should be able to equally entertain the other with witty repartee, new information, interesting gossip, intellectual dialogue, etc. Talk show host Merv Griffin had Amor in Taurus and the eleventh house of community affairs, tightly in square to Mercury in Leo located in his second house of income. If natal Mercury is in a water sign and in aspect to a love asteroid, one could be skilled at making amorous contact with another via natural bioelectric resonance, psychic ability or astral visions.

    Venus: A love asteroid teamed with the Goddess of Love should be a slam-dunk, but actually the combination can often translate into excessive behavior around matters of romance. A narcissist with Venus contacts can present as an object of desire or one who can command desire in others; alternatively there can be a lack of discrimination and a disregard for boundaries, one's own or other peoples'. This is an over-the-top "charisma ray" that can easily be re-directed towards pleasurable overindulgence of all kinds, from food to drugs to sex. As a candidate for a sex object that conquered the masses, Marilyn Monroe had Eros in Capricorn trine Venus in Aries. Functioning at a darker level of interaction, serial murderer Ted Bundy had Cupido in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio; he had no difficulty seducing his female victims into "taking a ride."

    Mars:Jupiter: Jupiter traffics in belief systems; indicating attraction to someone or something which aligns or not, with one's own standards for approved social behavior, or conversely will judge or be judged for beliefs or mannerisms, with holding or granting approval accordingly. The native might also be drawn to those who will encourage them to go over the top in romantic and sensual indulgence, travel, sports, or religious proclivities. Evangelist Billy Graham had asteroid Amor in social sign Libra and his seventh house of partners, in square to Jupiter (organized religious beliefs) in Cancer and his fourth house of root psyche and home base appeal.

    Saturn: In the positive sense Saturn with love asteroids can bestow security, stability, and a consistent environment within which to gain trust and to make strides in acquiring wisdom or producing a creative product. Negatively, it can express as power struggles for control, frustration, with holding, withdrawal, sex as a weapon and the inhibition of creative or independent activities in others. Media magnate Rupurt Murdoch has fifth house asteroid Amor (entertainment and speculation) in Aries square his first house Saturn in Capricorn. His life has been marked by a series of ruthless business skirmishes involving both competitors and his sons.

    Neptune: Neptune's involvement can indicate an intimate association with one's own creative muse, or a liaison with someone who is an addict, misfit or ill in some way. Or we may be moved to project artistic or other bohemian tendencies we do not wish to personally own onto the beloved. Neptune can also bring visions of the loved one as not being of this earth or attuned to higher vibrations. In hard aspects one may habitually employ the rose-colored glasses to their detriment, in determining the suitability of others. Flamboyant entertainer Liberace had asteroid Eros in Aquarius and his second house of income, in opposition to an eighth house (occult contacts, other people's money) Neptune in Leo. The aspect makes a statement both about his creative muse and the ability to use his talents to generate a fortune over a lifetime.

    Uranus: In the New Age sense contact with Uranus would indicate a requirement for surprises, enjoyment of unpredictability, futuristic orientation, even alternative preferences in sexuality. In the reactionary sense one could be excited by control freaks, rules, restrictions and a strong authoritative style. Both types of Uranus contact tend to get off on crisis, drama and disruption until maturity brings about certain realizations. Rock singer Jim Morrison had asteroids Amor and Cupido in Pisces and the first house of basic persona, in square to a Uranus-Mars conjunction (lightening-bolt drive and inspiration) in Gemini in the fourth house of root psyche, besides having asteroid Eros conjunct his Sun (center of identity) in the tenth house of career and public life.

    Pluto: Here the contact must result in a transformative experience; close relationships that will consume and reconstruct the native are favored. Attraction must give way to deep emotional catharsis, penetration of the soul, perhaps a visit to the burning ground; nothing else will do. At a slightly less intensive level one might prefer to express their love through chronic power struggles involving sex, money, authority or some other symbol of Leviathan. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had asteroid Cupido in life-and-death Scorpio in conjunction to her natal Ascendant of persona and both in trine to Pluto in Cancer located in the eighth house of sex, death and other people's money. These eighth-house issues played out in her life with both husbands Robert Kennedy Jr. and Aristotle Onassis, as classic tragedies presented on a global stage.



      Eros is the one I know best, so I'll start with some links. The others will come later.

      There's too much info to post all of it - and I recommend reading it. Here are some bits that may be especially pertinent to this thread.

      What is the god of love all about? The name itself is the ancient Greek word for erotic love, although its meaning is not necessarily sexual. Eros to the Greeks meant a merging of the souls in such a way that it created a lasting transformation. It can happen in any situation of great intimacy, emotional risk, taboo passion or creative expression. Harriet Eisman describes Eros in current terms.

      "Eros brings beauty, meaning and divinity into our lives. It comes to us through a very particular epiphany, a passionate inspiration present in a particular lover, teacher, melody, or landscape. We long to follow it always. But this is not the whole story. For Eros also brings us obsessions, cruelty, abandonment, and betrayal. It may come through

      Eros is about merging with the beloved to create change

      Eros in the Houses

      Any planet or sign in a house always suggests the most natural way to unfold the life plan in the area of life the house represents--.Howard Sasportas
      Eros in the Signs

      --Demetra George & Douglas Bloch

      Eros, like any planet in the astrological chart, represents a basic human need or drive. He moves us with a passion and intensity colored by the nature of the zodiac, and describes our approach to erotic love and creativity.

      Eros in Aries wants action, competition and victory! The more impossible the relationship, the more ardent he becomes. Risky creative projects bring out the fervor in him and passion awakens during challenge and adventure. He hates feeling trapped, dominated or smothered.

      Eros in TaurusEros in GeminiEros in Cancer experiences a certain measure of affinity and ease with erotic transformation. Here the boundaries dissolve into a place of intimate rapport where emotions, fears and pains merge and mingle into one, in the studio or in the bedroom. There can be reluctance in the inevitable letting go.

      Eros in Leo has a desire to feel extraordinary in an erotic union or project. The second of the fire signs, Eros here requires energy and returns it in playful abundance. He dazzles in the spotlight of admiration and gives priority to the creative, artistic side of life. Enter the drama and the theatrics!

      Eros in Virgo has the propensity to analyze passion extensively before giving into them. There is an earthy, sensual quality to love and creativity, once the critical eye is closed. They relish the moment but do care what any bystanders might think. This makes the taboo uncomfortable and often inevitable.

      Eros in LibraEros in ScorpioEros in Sagittarius is spontaneous, exuberant, adventurous and fickle. He prefers a lively experience with the beloved, one that will take him to the limitless reaches of the universe. Being with this Eros means being ready to soar. Travel is his watchword and that does not always mean physical!

      Eros in Capricorn has powerful concepts about what is good and what is good enough. There is a need for competence and capability and an earthy sensuality that only unleashes after great time or deliberation. He looks for worldly results, until the mystic arrives. Then, the journey really begins.

      Eros in Aquarius carries a high voltage charge with stimulating encounters that need a lot of air space to conduct electromagnetic charms. He desires the weird, the wonderful and the unusual, in the beloved or through the creative process. Fixed on autonomy, he may find intimacy brings shattering transformation.

      Eros in Pisces wants to lose all sense of where he ends and the beloved begins. He desires a return to paradise, a drink from the Holy Grail and union with the divine. He is willing to give up everything to melt and merge until he is no longer distinct but part of a greater whole.

      Here are some other takes on it.

      Eros is a minor asteroid--but very useful when needed in charts to understand one's physical and passionate nature, especially when another chart is used in relationship comparison.

      Eros in Aries. These people instinctively and quickly become infatuated. Their sexual attractions are formed quickly and they get off on the sensations of the moment in an intense manner. These lovers may seem a little erratic to others, simply because their passions rise and fall so quickly. They are not as giving and emotional in their sexual expression, but they are passionate while it lasts.

      Eros in Aries people are attached to the sensations of the moment and may see their partner as an object, or an extension of themselves. They often prefer to do the pursuing in relationships and may be addicted to the conquest.

      Eros in Taurus. These are highly sensual lovers who may seek to own their partners. Sexual possessiveness is often an issue with these lovers, and, unlike Eros in Aries, competition is not a turn-on. These lovers can be somewhat primitive in their desires and not as attracted to too much sexual intricacy. Plenty of masturbation is likely, although these lovers tend to be most unhappy without a steady partner. Their sexual natures are rooted in the senses.

      Eros in Gemini. These lovers are sexually curious and interested. They like to be knowledgeable in sexual matters, and often are turned on by the written and spoken word. They may write letters to their lover, or enjoy writing and reading erotica. Because it is difficult for these lovers to turn their minds off during sex, there is a voyeur within the person during sexual expression, and it may be difficult for these lovers to simply "let go". Many Eros in Gemini individuals enjoy talking, and being talked to, during sex.

      Eros in Cancer. There is a need to infuse emotional care and nurture into the sex act. When the self-image is low, these lovers may use others as sexual objects, probably as a result of their fear of rejection. The breasts are a big turn-on, and many are orally fixated, and some may be attracted to a domination theme. When the self-image is stronger, intimacy and warmth are powerful stimulants.

      Eros in Cancer lovers seek to achieve psychic and emotional renewal through sex. They can be very intuitive bed partners. Sexual possessiveness is often an issue. Sometimes, these lovers want their partner to be relatively chaste, but they don't have the same standards for themselves. These lovers often fall in love with their sexual partners.

      Eros in Leo. Fantasies for Eros in Leo often revolve around their partner's desire for them. These lovers generally get off on what they believe their sex partner must be feeling about them. They can put a lot of time into auto-erotic behavior, and are often given to much flirtation and many infatuations. Nevertheless, they can be more loyal than most. Eros in Leo lives for love and attraction. They are threatened when passion settles down in their relationships. They feel the need to keep passion alive, and when it settles in a relationship, they can be addicted to flirting with other people in order to feel alive and potent. Eros in Leo lovers have a big ego investment in their relationships.

      Eros in Virgo. Earthiness and intellectuality combine in Eros in Virgo. These lovers are sensual, especially when they are not thinking too much. Because of the tendency for Virgo to think and analyze, however, there can be a tendency to be one's own voyeur during sex. Vicarious enjoyment of sex is often highlighted with this placement. A meeting of minds is important to Eros in Virgo. These are somewhat moody lovers who may have distinct phases between promiscuity and celibacy.

      Virgo is very connected with--and aware of--the body and its functioning, and Eros in Virgo often seeks renewal through sex, with an attitude that sex is healthy and good for you. These are generally sensitive and tender lovers who do a lot to please their partners. Some awkwardness and shyness in terms of letting themselves go is often characteristic of this position. Virgo's symbol is the Virgin. This should not be taken literally, although when Virgo is connected to the sexual nature, there is a sense of purity and independence. These lovers can be promiscuous at times, and quite kinky, but emerge from their experiences with a sense of purity nevertheless.

      Eros in Libra. This is a rather flirtatious and charming position of Eros. Libra's tendency toward a "tit for tat" attitude shows up as a desire for equality on a sexual level, but in practice, Eros in Libra lovers often forget their own sexual needs because they are focusing on those of their partner. Communication is sexy to these lovers. These people can be hopelessly addicted to all of the "trappings" of falling in love, so much so that when a relationship settles, it may seem boring. Highly romantic and charming, Eros in Libra people enjoy the social "game" surrounding making connections with lovers, and they can be quite seductive.

      Eros in Scorpio. This is an especially erotic position of Eros. These lovers can be addicted to the thrill of getting to know a person inside and out, and to the power of love and sex. Intensity is important to these lovers. They don't just want their partner's body, they want a bit of their soul as well! This position suggests very little fear in the area of sexual intimacy, and these lovers will pretty much do anything and everything with a willing partner. They are passionate, and the more intense the relationship is, the better. Animal magnetism is high, probably because these people think about sex and intimacy a whole lot, and others may sense their intensity. They can easily get under your skin, tapping into others' desires.

      Eros in Sagittarius. These lovers have an enthusiastic and exuberant appeal. Sex is meant to be fun for Eros in Sagittarius, and some roughhousing and plenty of hearty laughs are turn-ons. Sexuality is sometimes viewed as if it were a sport by these people. They may surprise you with a very open and almost innocent attitude toward sex and intimacy. Sex is a bit of a game, and how this attitude is received will depend a lot on the audience! There can be a bit of an addiction to the chase, and avoidance of intimacy when it feels restricting in any way.

      Eros in Capricorn

      Eros in Aquarius. These lovers are intrigued by the unusual, finding variety exciting. The detachment of Aquarius can mean finding sensuality in non-contact scenarios in addition to contact ones. Sexual creativity is one of the strengths of this position. Their open minds with regards to sex can stimulate creativity in their partner.

      Eros in Pisces. There is a chameleon in this position of Eros, as these lovers are very adaptable to their partner. This is not to say these lovers don't have sexual preferences or possess a strong identity. Instead, the Pisces compassion, and ability to understand and accept virtually every color of the rainbow shows through in a sexual/romantic way. They tend to be most comfortable and at ease when their partner is expressing him or herself confidently. This position also suggests a passion for Pisces-ruled subjects.

      Eros in Aspect.

      When Eros is prominent in the chart (for example, if Eros is conjunct the Ascendant, or if it conjuncts the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars), Eros themes are strong in the individual's life. Often, the individual oozes sexuality in some way. The mind is often focused on sex and infatuation.

      Eros in Love.

      Enter the sign of Scorpio and Eros

      According to Richard Idemon, the seduction of Eros occurs: "when two or more separate entities combine in such a way that they are totally transformed by the experience."

      Scorpio and Eros are often typically associated with sex and sexuality. However, Idemon reminds us that (unfortunately) not all sexuality is truly "erotic..." Not all experiences of our sexuality are truly transformative. And eroticism(contrary to popular belief) does not necessarily involve sexual union with another person...

      Death of Ego
      Eros always involves death of the ego, emotional merging and shared transformation with another entity. For example - the passion ofEroscan take place between the artist and the erotic object of her/his art."

      Likewise, the emotional catharsis we experience in a crowded movie theater full of strangers will most likely be more truly erotic than a meaningless "jump in the hay" with a stranger.

      Souls and Psyches
      In The Love Journey, Scorpionic eros desires much more than the mere physical merging of bodies (that's Taurus).Erosdesires to merge souls and psyches. For erotic Scorpio, sex is not only for purposes of self-pleasuring. The erotic connection for Scorpio involves finding ways to give the other entity pleasure.

      The energy of Scorpio is inspired and stimulated by arousing, awakening, and transforming someone (or something) other than the self....

      Archetypically, Taurean epithemia love is interested specifically in the lusty merging of bodies. Epithemia is sex for self-pleasure's sake.

      Taurus might sometimes forget the other person's there - but Scorpio never does... Eros is associated with Scorpio and Pluto, and with the passionate watery quality of love. This is a passionate love which involves pain and suffering.

      Pain, Risk and Suffering
      Eros implies that all love involves pain and risk. There's a suffering quality to Eros, simply because we know that wonderful moment of ecstasy - that moment of psychically joining and merging - cannot possibly last forever.
      Death Risk is present in Eros, because the merging of souls involves a death of the individual's ego which may or may not result in rebirth and transformation with "the beloved."
      There are no guarantees in Eros. But in order for something new to be born - something must die...

      Eros is contains an ecstatic kind of feeling, a feeling nearing the level of religious ecstasy and catharsis. And the erotic experience rightly belongs to the realm of the religious, the mystical, and the creative.

      It's an intensely powerful feeling that can be quite overwhelming.

      Eros Refused?
      If, on the other hand, Eros is refused - not honored or given life - Eros and the god Pluto (Hades) who rules Scorpio then becomes the uninvited god. And Pluto has a nasty way of dragging you down to the underworld, where there is no life - into the land of the living dead.

      Then - that same passionate intensity which accompanied us into the heights of erotic love - accompanies us into the depths of the underworld....

      "Eros is the world's greatest teacher...." Plato

      But Erosis not the final destination on our journey of love... as the final stop on our journey through the Zodiac is with the sign of Aquarius and agape.


      Let's see what I can find about Psyche. Best one I found is on top.

      Asteroid Psyche

      Leah Whitehorse
      April 27, 2013
      Psyche and Eros Small PicAstronomical symbol for PsycheThe Meaning behind the NamePsyche illuminates Eros - The Mythic TarotThe Meaning in the MythPsyche and Erosourselvesour ownThe Trial and the TowerPsyche Discovery ChartAsteroid Psyche Discovery ChartThe Discovery Degree
      Psyche was at 27LEO07 when discovered.
      The Sabian symbol for the discovery degree is :-

      Many Little Birds On A Limb Of A Big Tree

      The symbol can suggest being distracted from the true path by mindless internal chatter (the discordant tweeting of the birds) or it can be like the wonder of a dawn chorus, singing in harmony.

      How to Find Psyche in Your Chart
      Go to www.astro.comSuggested Keywords and Phrases for Psyche

      You can discover your own personal mythology through your astrological chart, especially by utilizing your personal placements of the asteroids named for the goddesses. As you understand the archetypal role models the goddesses represent for your life journey, you will gain a deeper knowledge of your own life experiences.

      Psyche is one of the most important asteroids in your chart. Psyche's asteroid number is 16, and she was discovered on March 17, 1852, when the Sun was in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of unconscious thoughts and dreams, and is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, mist, and vapor. Pisces and Neptune can give us great creativity and artistic ability, but also incline us to want to escape from reality, into a pleasant dream world, where nothing is real, unless we want it to be.

      Psyche is the Greek word for soul, and Psyche is the place in your chart that can detail for you where you can find your entrance into your self. Psyche also represents psychology and is involved with the discipline of the study of the mind. Psyche encompasses the soul, the mind, and the self.

      The ancient Greek mythological saga of Psyche has formed the basis of numerous fairy tales and folk stories, including that of Beauty and the Beast, and The Knight and the Loathly Damsel. The elements of Psyche's life are trust, love, passion, betrayal, and jealousy. Beyond that, we can learn from Psyche the uncovering of who we are, why we act as we do, and what love means to us.

      Psyche's story is filled with archetypes, as are all mythological tales; fathers who are cruel or neglectful, or overindulgent, foolish, and devoted; jealous women, as in mothers, stepmothers, or sisters, and of course the lover. The lover may be disguised, so the fair maiden cannot see his face or guess his identity. He can be cruel, or he can be kind. He can be a demon or a god. His being and persona changes in each story, and in each version of the story.

      The end of the tale is always the same, since the ultimate end of the heroine's story is her final understanding of herself. It is the final acceptance of her totality of being, which includes her mind, body, and spirit. Psyche's story involves the ultimate acknowledgment that the soul can be granted immortality through its' ability to love.

      As the myth relates to us, Psyche was a very beautiful girl who was the youngest of three sisters. Psyche was so beautiful that she was treated as a statue or idol to be gazed at. The ancient Greeks began to ignore the temple of Aphrodite, (the Greek counterpart of the Roman goddess Venus), and started to worship Psyche instead of Aphrodite.

      Aphrodite became jealous, and asked her son Eros to magically induce Psyche to fall in love with the lowest and most horrible man on earth he could find. Instead Eros himself fell in love with Psyche and had the Zephyr, the west wind, blow her up to a beautiful palace in the mountains. Once there Eros appeared under a cloak of darkness, and told Psyche that she could never look at his face, but that he would visit her nightly, as her husband. During the day Psyche had free rein to live in the palace, and roam the beautiful grounds it was on.

      After awhile Psyche missed her older sisters, and asked her mysterious nighttime lover/husband to let them visit her. Eros finally agreed, and Psyche's sisters saw how much material wealth she had. Her sisters became jealous and convinced Psyche that she was really married to a snake, or some other horrible monster. They urged her to look at the man/monster she slept with at night, for her own safety.

      Psyche waited until Eros was asleep, and then uncovered him. Once she did, his identity and his beauty was discovered by Psyche, and he woke up and fled from her. She then realized she had been with Eros, the god of love, all the time.

      Psyche then went to Aphrodite to ask for a chance to be reunited with her soul mate. Jealous Aphrodite, Eros' mother, set out a series of arduous tasks for Psyche to fulfill before she would agree to allow Eros to see Psyche again. Helped by some of the Olympian gods and goddesses who were sympathetic to her plight, Psyche ultimately passed each test, one of which involved Psyche's descent into the depths of Hades, the underworld, to see Persephone, the queen of the dead. Psyche ultimately won Eros back, married him, was granted immortality, and became a goddess in her own right.

      Psyche's story is in essence every woman's story. Psyche's tale begins when she is in early womanhood, and brings her to an uncharted place, where she is not sure of anyone or anything. She is then forced to deal with the world, and surmount many difficult obstacles before she, the embodiment of the soul and mind, is able to merge with her other half, her animus, or her male lover. Once she achieves that goal, she achieves a true integration of her self, becomes a goddess, and achieves immortality.

      Astrologically, how does this apply to you? Psyche's journey through the signs of the zodiac varies widely each year, but she is in each sign for between two and ten months. Psyche entered into Virgo on October 5, 2006 and will be there until August 21, 2007. Psyche then moves into Libra for a three-month stay, and will be there until November 18, 2007, when she enters into Scorpio. Psyche will be in the sign of the Scorpion for the rest of the year of 2007.

      Psyche can tell us a lot about ourselves and our own journey, but it may take us some time and thought before we become aware of what Psyche symbolically wants to say to us. Delving into our innermost depths can take some time, and reflection.

      For example, let's say your own Psyche astrological placement is in Scorpio, conjunct to your Sun or Ascendant, your Rising Sign. Psyche in Scorpio means your understanding of the soul and the mind involves the attributes of the sign of Scorpio, which is a watery, fixed placement. You might have a very deep need to explore your own psychology, and you could be willing to take that exploration to its furthest levels. Psyche conjunct to your Sun or Ascendant means you incorporate your ideas and beliefs about the soul and mind into the very fabric of your being.

      Psyche in the signs:

      Astrologically, Psyche represents how we respond romantically to the idea of Love, or how we Idealize it through someone.
      (Also see

      Psyche Sign is Aries

      The native likes the thrill of someone falling madly in love with and pursuing them at all costs. You enjoy feeling valued by someone and find security in hearing this from your lover/partner.

      Psyche Sign is Taurus

      This position is the embodiment of sexuality. You want others to find you attractive. You are also attracted to people who give gifts of love.

      Psyche Sign is Gemini

      You are drawn to powerful personalities who are able to switch between staying home and painting the town. You also enjoy mates who challenge your intellect.

      Psyche Sign is Cancer

      You tend to take on nurturing or motherly roles, not necessarily with everyone, but definitely with your lover/partner. You will go out of your way to make a partner happy.

      Psyche Sign is Leo

      You are able to discern the best in people and bring that out. You are attracted to charming, good-looking people. You also have a tendency to project onto your partner the way you want to be.

      Your Psyche Sign is Virgo

      You show your affection to someone who accepts them unconditionally. You are usually concerned about what the lover can bring to the table. Once smitten, you are very generous of your time and material resources.

      Psyche Sign is Libra

      You are fascinated by partners with striking looks, possibly to the detriment of other aspects, in order to indulge the fantasy of the relationship. Usually you get wise to this tendency in due time. You treat everyone around you lavishly.

      Psyche Sign is Scorpio

      You tend to be secretive about your true feelings, including sexual feelings. You also tend to be reserved when expressing yourself until you feel absolutely comfortable. Once committed, you take the relationship very seriously and will do anything to keep it going.

      Psyche Sign is Sagittarius

      You are attracted to someone worldly, ethnically diverse, philosophically-oriented, and free-spirited. You are able to give others the freedom to be who they really are.

      Psyche Sign is Capricorn

      You are attracted to emotionally mature and stable individuals who can also provide an outlet for your romantic fantasy. Sexual intimacy is a longing, and once fulfilled, you feel like you have everything in life.

      Psyche Sign is Aquarius

      You like to put a little bubble around yourself and your lover and bask in the fulfillment of your hopes, wishes, and dreams. You like to be acknowledged for your unique and special qualities and do not like to compete for affection.

      Your Psyche Sign is Pisces

      You seek partners who can express the utmost love and adoration and partners who can help you escape a routine life. You tend to attract attention through illnesses if your needs are not being met to your fullest expectation.

      I have always loved the myth of Eros and Psyche because of its happy ending. I won't repeat the whole story here, but the two ended up together in love for all of eternity. (You can read the tale in most good mythology books.)

      There does appear to be a relationship between the two bodies bearing those names, although more research is needed to define it clearly. Eros can be defined as love, desire, and pleasure-directed life instincts. It is also love directed toward self-realization. Psyche can be defined as self, or the principle of life, or the spirit, or the soul. Perhaps the relationship between them has to do with the process of the soul searching for its true identity and its completion? If so, what does this say for a relationship between Eros in one chart and Psyche in another?

      Psyche has something to do with psychic ability, as befitting the name. But I have found that before Psyche can tune in to a person's thoughts and feelings on that level one must be deeply involved with the person first. Dr. Lehman says that this body is involved with projection either onto others, or onto the world.This indeed fits the idea of the Soul searching for completion.

      The house Psyche occupies focuses on where one expects to find one's identity. For example, in the 5th house it is often through ideal love, and when the individual evolves above this concept they become increasingly creative. In the 2nd house it is often through material things, and by rising above this, the individual becomes increasingly generous and giving.

      Any planet in a person's chart in hard aspect to Psyche is a personal blind spot. The aspected planet is one of the major keys to understanding the self, yet the individual seems either unaware of this point or refuses to admit how important this part is to them, or they express a fear of integrating it into their being.

      If your Psyche is in hard aspect to a planet in another's chart that is important to them (such as their ruler, or angular), there is a definite attraction. But Psyche is delicate. The other person's planet can easily become overwhelming for you. The way that person expresses the energy represented by theaspecting planet can become quite difficult for you to deal with. The reason is that there is a particular quality or qualities you are searching for in another, and this person's energies seem somewhat alien to you. The key to this problem is a willingness to allow that person to be themselves, and this can be a major task for you.