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What is Masculinity? What is Femininity?

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    What is Masculinity? What is Femininity?

    I considered starting two separate threads for this - but it seems impossible to define one without juxtaposing it against the other. So, let's have at it. What is the essence of masculinity and/or femininity? Feel free to write posts about one and not the other, or to incorporate both into your post.

    There are two schools of thought: one as defined by society, one as defined by biology. There's overlap, of course. Buuuuuuut I'm not going into that. I see that distinction as largely irrelevant.

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    Masculine: Yang, phallic, positive (charge), sun (day), conscious, extroversion,...

    Feminine: Yin, receptive, negative (charge), moon (night), unconscious, introversion,...

    However, this is entirely missing the Androgynous (neutral charge) element. The Enneagram addresses this more fully.



      I agree with what Daeva is getting at.

      The cultural ideas are arbitrary and what remains consistent is the biology that we can't get away from. However, transgenderism forces us to reconsider and ask ourselves: is masculinity and femininity purely biological? One might argue that some transpeople are 'going with the trend' (a very un-PC thing to say!) - but there are also transpeople who we would never know were born with the biology of another gender. So, how can we justify saying it's just biology? At the same time, cultural ideas are even less important because of how much they change. So what the difference really is - is energetic, like Daeva described.

      This was an old post of mine on a similar topic:

      Before Aphrodite, there were other depictions of the “Goddess of Beauty.” In the Sumerian Tablets, this was Inanna – somewhere between Te and Se. She was later known as Ishtar.

      She was the Goddess of War, and the way she went about warring was Se; in that she seduced men and tricked them at the last minute. She was sent to rule over areas near India, which is why Goddesses like Kali were given importance there later, endowed with war prowess and trickster-like sexuality. Kali embodies Se clearly.

      In these early cultures, someone like me would have been closer to what is seen as the Ultimate Feminine.
      Although it would be even better if I were an 8 core instead of 4 core, to fit that role. A little more war.

      Over the years, the Western cultures took the Sx and the 8 out of female ideals, and turned them into Soc or Sp style Goddesses with pristine morals. The ultimate Sp/So 2w1 "light 2" and "light SiFe" saint is Jesus’s mother who gave birth to the Messiah without having sex.

      This is, by no means, a universal, timeless way of viewing an ideal woman.

      Aphrodite is a cousin of Mary – in that Aphrodite is a "light" 2w3. She’s jealous of other women who are considered beautiful, but never warlike. Compared to Innanna and Ishtar, she is more modest – instead of squeezing her privates with a taunting smirk, she covers them with a coy smile.

      Yet, Inanna was here first.

      In the summaries I've read of Sumerian tablets, she was depicted as Sx 8w7. Lusty, dangerous, strong, seductive, magnetic, ruthless. Her visceral desire was Se to the bone, and her style embodied the trickster, tricking and laughing at her prey. There were major Te themes in “justice” and cunning tactics for war, and I might place her overall as Te > Se, but she was not Fe. Kali and Ishtar could be seen in many depictions as 2s, but always dark 2s with strong 8 components and heavy SeTe.

      The meaning of Beauty changes over the centuries, just as the idea of “Good guy vs. Bad guy” changes over the centuries.


        Mysti - take note, this was what I was talking about with SeTe not necessarily being 'masculine' but being, potentially, 'forceful feminine.'


          This Inanna chick looks like she might have been some sort of hybrid. Look at her feet.
          Turning pain into power.


            Originally posted by Volcana View Post
            Dem hips tho.


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              Yup. We want your gaze all to ourselves. 😏

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              I know the statue is supposed to be a goddess, but now that I look at it, the statue seems like a distant and wayward member of the barbapapa family. Like a proto barba-mama

            I don’t have much in the way of “this is men’s” or this is “women’s” areas or definition notions and I’m thankful for that, since my upbringing probably contributed to it.

            That’s not to say I don’t see differences. I do. Big time. But, the need to pigeon hole many aspects of it has always struck me as 🥴🧐 I find it kind of interesting in an alien observant way when people do put markers on what is “feminine” vs. “masculine”.

            “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms


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              Woman. No fem/mas division needed.
              “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms