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Some Thoughts On Laveyan Satanism and Left Hand and Right Hand Path Religions

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    Some Thoughts On Laveyan Satanism and Left Hand and Right Hand Path Religions

    Right-Hand Path
    The Right-Hand Path is commonly thought to refer to magical or religious groups which adhere to a certain set of characteristics:

    1.They divide the concepts of mind, body and spirit into three separate, albeit interrelated, entities.

    2. They adhere to a specific moral code and a belief in some form of judgement, such as karma or the Threefold Law.
    The occultist Dion Fortune considered Abrahamic religions to be RHP.

    Left-Hand Path
    The historian Dave Evans studied self-professed followers of the Left-Hand Path in the early 21st century, making several observations about their practices:

    1. They often reject societal convention and the status quo, which some suggest is in a search for spiritual freedom. As a part of this, LHP followers embrace magical techniques that would traditionally be viewed as taboo, for instance using sex magic or embracing Satanic imagery. As Mogg Morgan wrote, the "breaking of taboos makes magic more potent and can lead to reintegration and liberation, [for example] the eating of meat in a vegetarian community can have the same liberating effect as anal intercourse in a sexually inhibited straight society."

    2. They often question religious or moral dogma, instead adhering to forms of personal anarchism.

    3. They often embrace sexuality and incorporate it into magical ritual.
    [..]solve et coagula ("dissolve and precipitate"), confronting the negative in order to transmute it into desirable qualities. Left-handed path practitioners descend towards union with the divine to obtain Godhood status, with God-like powers of their own, having reunited with the ultimate divine source-energy; then once there, taking one more step separating from that divinity, out of this creation into a new creation of their own making, with themselves as the sole divinity of the new universe, apart from the previous creation.(Wikipedia)
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    Hey it's Ken,

    You're reading Karlssons book right?

    I'd recommend checking out some of this guys YT material, he frames the LHP and RHP well.


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