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Come and See: "Good content, bad communication"

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    Come and See: "Good content, bad communication"

    Hello ladies and gets,
    I present to you... the first iteration of "Good content, bad communication".

    The goal here is to spot quality content that is masked by a poorly designed, raunchy, confusing and/or strange veneer.

    What qualifies for this is:
    • Well-intentioned advice, perhaps it is even very applicable, but the delivery is like seeing ordering a soup that is delicious and it looks good, but you peek into the kitchen and see a scene reminiscent of your uncle Barry's pig farm.
    • Cryptic hieroglyphs that look like roman characters. It seems like there are words, but when you sound it out in your head it feels like you've just had a couple veins pop in inside your brain. When you have popped most of your veins, though, it actually makes sense.
    • Other people muddying and misjudging concepts when they share them with others. It's like this kid's game where you go and whisper something in someone's ear and they tell it to another and another until everyone has been whispered to. You start with words like 'cat', but then the final person hears: "michael stole your lunchbox". Childhood is a confusing time.
    • And more, if your brain can conceive of it, the possibilities are endless! I hope.

    I will start. Here is a video of Professor Peterson. He has some very interesting things to say about growth and learning to balance out your personality, he also discusses the different extremes on the agreeableness trait spectrum. Hmm, now what would be an adequate title for that....

    Jordan Peterson: "Why Do Nice Guys Nice Finish Last? (MUST WATCH)"

    When you check the channel this is posted on, the titles used, the comments placed, you get a good sense at what demographic this is aimed at. Young guys/men, who are somewhat disillusioned, feel lost and look for a figure to look up to, but what Peterson is really talking about is how to find your place and how to keep growing in life. Calling it 'nice guys finish last' is really distorting the essence of what he's saying. We will all "finish last" if we never learn to do and learn to understand the things that are uncomfortable and painful to us.

    Curious to see what you all have come across
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    "Distress, whether psychic, physical, or intellectual, need not at all produce nihilism.
    Such distress always permits a variety of interpretations."