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Work it Bitch! Share your workout plans, tips and stories

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    Work it Bitch! Share your workout plans, tips and stories

    2020 has been a year where most people have given up and done nothing but mope around like emo lil bitches. As far as I'm concerned, they can kindly go fuck themselves, cuz I am using this year to get a fit, sexy body and build myself physically as well as mentally. If anyone else is with me, share some of your thoughts below. You can share your routine, specific exercises or variations you like,


    off the top of my head, some tips for beginners
    1) women should build some muscle too if they haven't already. more muscle = higher basal metabolic rate. in plain English, that means that simply carrying more muscle eats up a ton of calories. bulking up a few pounds of muscle can set your maintenance calories up by 500 or more
    2) start with high reps and lower weight. you can decrease reps and increase weight over time, but
    3) you can go low carb and work out intensely, but if you do, don't go too low carb, and make sure to at least have some carbs before workouts
    4) if you aren't already a weight lifter or macho sports enthusiast, DOUBLE your protein
    5) drink plenty of water. not just before, but after. your body will produce a lot of lactic acid during intense sessions, and this needs to be flushed out within a few hours or you gon' be sore as fuq for several days.
    6) avoid internal rotation whenever possible.
    7) ideally, you should hit each body part at least twice a week.
    8) 3-4 sessions is a good starting place for beginners. 4-6 is better for intermediate to advanced
    9) someone gon' crucify me for saying it, but don't deadlift unless you really, really want to and have the technique of a master samurai. frequently, even the most disciplined, conscientious people get hurt doing it and are out for over a year. opt for cable pullthroughs or (my favorite) hyper extensions instead
    10) many of the muscles in the body have different heads, so make sure you're working each of them at least a little bit in your routine. for example, the shoulder has the front delt (relatively easy to work), as well as the side and rear delts which are often neglected
    11) different people have different goals, different levels of experience, different health advantages/setbacks and different schedules, but I am comfortable saying this much: EVERYONE outside of the most severely disabled should do some form of weightlifting if given the opportunity.


      Hell yeah!
      Thinking about working out?
      Just Do It!

      I've been bordering on underweight for years, but I recently started lifting and eating properly and I've put on about 10 lbs so far. Very happy with it! I'm much more resilient against mood swings and hunger doesn't leave me faint any more. Plus, I look better. Zero downsides!
      Sleep on the Ceiling - Erosian Exile


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        "and hunger doesn't leave me faint anymore"
        I remember that feeling well. when you're scrawny and hungry, your body freaks out a lot more than when you're at a healthier weight.

      loser: "I'm a fat ass and idgaf!"
      newb: "oh no! my BMI isn't dropping even though I've been working out for 6 months!"
      intermediate: "BMI isn't important. look at your body fat percentage"
      advanced: "actually, BMI is important even if you're mostly muscle because more mass puts extra load on the heart. it's healthier the be fitness-sized and ripped than to have giant muscles even with the same ripped body fat percentage"


        I've only gotten fitter since Covid. I had been a gym rat before, but home workouts forced me to explore new terrain. I got heavy resistance bands as soon as the gym closed, then I started exploring the world of bodyweight workouts, which can be deceptively intense.

        I recommend Frank Medrano and Pamela Reif on Youtube. Also, do a search for building muscle at home w/ little to no equipment. A lot of good videos for this popped up after quarantine.

        I shared this pic in another thread sometime in April. I'll have to take a new one soon. I love a muscular physique. I also love brownies (#^^#). But I think I've got a pretty good balance going on rn ;p


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          DAMN! Looking great!