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Vive's post-realistic dream storage locker

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    Vive's post-realistic dream storage locker

    Welcome to my dreams... I don't tend to remember many of them, but when I do they tend to be, well... interesting.

    So buckle up and step into the world of Ne, cryptic references and complete absolute and utter nonsense:

    When Vive awoke, he decided to name his odd-looking unconsciously produced creation:

    The lord of the deus ex machinas: Fellowship of the cube

    I had a dream were I was a part of a team that did expeditions. The dream started out in some kind of home base where those high ranking enough in the base's hierarchy were allowed to mess around with the parameters of space and fabric of the universe. The main control room was basically just a giant dome with millions of cubes. In the middle there was a small platform and to the right there was an opening in the wall of cubes, where more digital cubes were floating around and I supposed that if you touch them you could adjust the parameters of reality.

    Me and my team would go to different places to fix problems, although exactly what problems we would solve was entirely unclear to me. You could a get different creature to follow and help you. I don't know what I chose, but for some reason I chose a strange uncanny valley-esque machination a bit like the robot in Ex Machina. You could get to places by opening new doors in the base. You could reach every place possible in the world I suppose. I opened a door and my teammates went in. I think I watched too much Naruto as a kid, as my teamates consisted out of: an angry, competent, grumpy, emo boy convinced of my incompetence and a girl that had no identifiable traits. All I remember is that she was a girl. I guess that's a testament to how good of a job most anime creators do in fleshing out their female characters. When we went in we got into a maze like room and my other teammates rushed past me. I was stuck however fighting some low level creature (I guess my dream turned into a MMORPG). This didn't go very smoothly because the creepy machinations decided to become sentient and then they eerily dissapeared into the wall while maintaining continuous eye contact. After failing this low level mission, I was berated by mr emo boy. I think I could understand why, as apparently I was the comic relief character in this story. Fore someone reason I was crash bandicoot from the game of the same name, and my voice had weird goofy like inclinations.

    Click image for larger version

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    (This is what I looked like in my dream. How lovely, I was a low-polygon rendering of some kind of creature)

    When we got back to base I saw someone messing with the parameters of reality. And the building that apparently was made from lots of cubes started to bend and contort in various ways. Then, as I was the comic relief character even when it didn't make sense, I was laughed at for my comical mistake of fucking up reality, which I didn't do. When everybody at the home base had a good laugh and afterwards their faces became more serious. They all teleported or something, I don't know it looked more like they were disintegrating on the spot.

    Then suddenly, even though these 'masterminds' could teleport, we were stuck being chased by the police for some ungodly reason. People from the base were wondering why the could no longer run at extremely high speeds which would scorch their bodies in seconds in real life. The parameters of the world didn't make sense anymore to them, so they decided to just keep running. Then some weird wasps or bees tried to sting us in our ear drums (specific, I know!). I don't know why, these bees were especially statistical I suppose.

    I the end of the dream we ended up in a police van, which didn't make any sense as we kept running away from them and they never caught up with us. Apparently the van was like a tent from harry fucking potter because a whole circus of people could fit in it. It seems like the people had found a way to fix the parameters of reality in the van. Then they teleported away with the item they needed to fix the parameters. Why didn't we teleport right to the item in the first place? I don't know I was crash bandicoot and this whole dream a barrage of deus ex machinas, but before you think the barrage is over there is just one more left:

    We ended up in a court room, where I faked being nervous to give a speech about our victory and like a certain eloquent, but severely depraved and tense german man in the interbellum, I convinced everybody quickly, even the judges, that I was not worthy of prison and how everybody did a good job. I still sounded like goofy, but it was time for the comical character to have his genuine moment, so nobody cared and I think the courtroom was rigged to begin with.

    The end.
    "Distress, whether psychic, physical, or intellectual, need not at all produce nihilism.
    Such distress always permits a variety of interpretations."


    The dream does sound Ne-ish indeed! Perhaps it's an intro to Ne for those of us who have no Ne. =)

    a girl that had no identifiable traits. All I remember is that she was a girl. I guess that's a testament to how good of a job most anime creators do in fleshing out their female characters.
    Haha, this made me laugh... I was JUST saying how I can't get into anime because of the lack of humanness.


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      not like anime is the only type of media with female characters who feel like they mainly exist to be "the girl"

    Pff, it's funny how the dream sounds so you. I mean that sounds like an obvious thing, that your dream would feel like you, but from what little I know of you it makes sense that this is exactly the type of dream you would have.

    (Also I'm kind of jealous since it's been a while since I've remembered my dreams in so much detail)