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What's your Seduction Archetype?

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    What's your Seduction Archetype?

    The Charismatic
    They have high self-confidence. They have a sense of purpose and happiness within themselves. They are larger than life, and express vision.

    The Natural
    They are spontaneous. They have fun wherever they go, and remind you of childhood. They are sincere. They are harmless and playful like a child. They are effortless, and can make people feel at ease.

    The Coquette
    The tease. They have restraint, but will flirt hard to hook you in. They like playing cat and mouse, and switch moods to keep you on your toes. Can be a little prudish, but mysterious.

    The Dandy

    The Rake

    The Siren
    They are visual appetite. They crave attention, luring people in by a certain image and beauty. They embody fantasy. Creates a sexual energy that bypasses rationality. Shows only their positive features.

    The Ideal Lover
    They see your greatness and potential and bring your talents to the forefront. They show you your true identity. They reflect your fantasy, and bring it into reality for you. They create what you desire.

    The Charmer

    The Star

    There's a Quiz you can take, though it may or may not be accurate. Tbh, I hate this quiz. But it's the only one I could find. Plus, discussion is always better than a Quiz! But feel free to post your results or discuss them if you want.

    Though these archetypes are different, there is also a longer quiz that gets at something similar, and which may help clarify more about your seduction archetype, if you enjoy quizzes. I posted it in this thread:
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    For me, it's the Star, hands down. I seduce by embodying my most primal, archetypal nature - and I tend to take on symbolism in the eyes of others.

    From the article:

    The Mythic Star is the most powerful character type because they appeal to all groups of people, they are beyond race, religion, class, or politics. We are naturally drawn to the mythical.
    The patterns of myth, born out of warring feelings of helplessness on the one hand and thirst for immortality on the other, are deeply engraved in us all.
    Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

    Mythic stars represent mythological figures in real life. They adopt a distinctive style; they are calm and attractive. Then they embody a more specific archetype: the rebel, the wise patriarch, the adventurer.
    The savage worships idols of wood and stone; the civilized man, idols of flesh and blood.
    George Bernard Shaw

    But these Stars will not cross our path, and this adds to the fascination. We become obsessed with them and imitate them unconsciously.

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      Here's a brief breakdown of how I relate to each one. I'll put them in order from most to least. Needless to say, this is when I'm on my game. Sometimes I'm off my game. But this tends to be what I do when I am on it.

      THE STAR:
      My photo collage explains this better than words could. I embody the primal mythos, the timeless and eternal side of myself, and that image changes as my soul evolves. I come to represent these archetypal symbols in the eyes of others. I allow them to see me as an object, and what I stand for is beyond the mundane. Race, gender and class are mundane, as their meaning changes depending on the times. I prefer to focus on the timeless and eternal; to embody the spirit of Erosia, Animalism, primal emotion.
      The description emphasizes "calm" - but that's not quite it, for me. My mythical style is animalistic, bloody and primal, getting people on edge, unraveling their deeper urges. Yet, although I'm raw, there is a deeper calmness to me, which allows people to feel like they can be themselves around me. Though I explode in passion and rage about ideas, "personal offenses" just roll of my back. Something has to be a deep betrayal to really stick. So this also makes people feel like they don't have to tiptoe around mundane words, and can express what's deeper about them, including their anger - and hash out their ideals and archetypes. So they unravel who they are, at base - and they become a star too, by proxy.

      I'd say this is my secondary archetype. That's why my "star" leans toward the primal. There is a genuine innocence to me, something blunt, no pretenses. It can be disarming. The reason I don't pick this as my first is that my archetypal flaunting can be intimidating. I guess my big ego is just too obvious. But there's still a very innocent side to my lust.

      Well, yes. When I'm confident enough. My illness messes with this, and speaking in a whisper. But when I was younger and bold, I definitely embodied this. I shower someone with all the energy and attention, as though hypnotized and consumed, but then I move on after they are conquered. My reputation as a seducer precedes me, even during some periods after I lost my voice - and this only lures people more because they're curious. I feel I would have gone much further in this direction if I were a man, but it's not absent even as a woman.

      This only works in the sense that I have strong masculine energy and embody my male archetypes in art. But thats still more 'star.' I don't really make a whole thing out of gender unless it's the topic at hand, and even my embodiments of masculinity and femininity in the arts tend to be atypical, more about the inner animal.

      Sure, I bring out my lover's talents and archetypal energies. But I think I'm too performative and me-focused, representing something powerful myself, to completely make the other person the star of the show. They tend to be a star themselves by association with me, rather than to feel like I'm succumbing to them. I'm also far from ideal. I'm far too loud, tigerish, fiery, broken, demanding, intense, socially sloppy, raw, on-and-off. If someone wants an ideal they would look elsewhere. But really, many people want someone vulnerable, who breaks before them, and lets their lover put them back together, and does the same in return, giving the lover a place to be broken. And that's more my style. So.. ideal doesn't work.

      Sort of. Sense of purpose, expressing vision, yes. But my confidence changes by the moment. It doesnt exactly work. The problem with this is that it's too dependent on "usual" social expectations, and fulfilling "Alpha" roles as dictated by society. So while I have purpose and vision, I'm not exactly "on top" of others; I'm more on top of my own game. Also, my charisma comes and goes depending on my mood. But the symbolism (a la "Star" archetype) remains in people's minds, even as my moods change.

      Even when I was singing, I wasn't a siren because my looks were never "perfect." I always could not help showing my rawness, animalism and scars. So I learned to make an art of that, instead of trying to be more perfect.

      Nope. I can't deflect attention from myself and master the social. Just no. My charm is my lack of charm.

      I suck at this. I want what I want. I tried playing hard to get and failed miserably every time. For me, coquette is a fast road to anti-seduction and shame.
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        Dandy. I easily move between the masculine and feminine poles, and this includes the way I dress.

        The Coquette. I'm very you-can-look, but-don't-touch by nature, and I am moody. Let others fill in the blanks and let their imagination go wild.
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        Sleep on the Ceiling - Erosian Exile


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          Coquette works well. You don't play games, but your natural energy is coquettish. You require a constant chase even in marriage. It's super hot for me, that I have to work a little harder for your attention sometimes. Keeps my rake side satisfied.

          But Dandy is your true power. After reading the description just now, I see this strongly in you. It talked about "neutralizing" the power of the opposite gender - and this is something I find so hot about you. You're hotter than most women. More beautiful, more attention to detail. You don't have to labor over makeup to please anyone socially, but you possess incredible grace, like a cat, and the way you move mesmerizes everyone, even some straight men. (I can think of several straight men, ranging from intellectuals who are normally unvisual to gorgeous seductive ones with King energy, who compliment you repeatedely on how beautiful you are.) You're downright mesmerizing, and your outfits enhance it. You express yourself artistically with ease in any visual medium, even without specifically practicing a skill. Also, you express your own emotions vulnerably, and you're capable of navigating deeply psychological and emotional conversations - that usually women explore but not men - with gentleness, subtlety and ease. Yet you retain your "intellectual masculinity" by having firm, systemic ideas of how things work. You're a swan, overall. Come close and you'll bite someone's head off. But as you say, you're beautiful from afar, like a coquette; and the way you do this is beyond the grace, beauty and allure most women can manage to have.

          Coquettes turn me on in general, but nothing turns me on more than your combination of Dandy and Coquette. It compliments me perfectly. A star always has an otherworldly beauty on their arm.

        Ooooo Erica I'm going to copy you and put them in the order that I relate.


        Okay I know a lot of this sounds contradictory but you'd get it if I was seducing you.


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          Sounds accurate to me.

        Charismatic for sure.


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          Yeah that makes sense. Definitely

        The Natural
        The Star

        ...Although I'm not sure if it counts as "seduction" as it's not necessarily something I do on purpose. But I am, indeed, naturally playful and quirky. At least when my guard is down. I think I also have a tendency to stand out, even though I can be introverted and shy, like a rare wallflower.


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          Hm the star is more about embodying an archetypal energy in public, so people associate you with it, and allowing yourself to be objectified and projected on, as people see the archetype rather than seeing you - which makes it feel like a primordial experience. It's not really about being weird and quirky. What you describe sounds like "the Natural" Maybe? More like quiet, quirky and shy, "naturally playful," but isn't doing it on purpose.

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          Oh whoops, ugh, I just realized you said the Natural first. Ha ha! Well yeah then, I strongly agree.