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    Terrence Malick

    I'm wondering if anyone can type film writer/director Terrence Malick from what little scraps of data there are.

    I'll take a stab.

    "I don't like working from storyboards, it's too preconceived....."

    I heard that at least 2x

    That's the creative passive-aggression of 9. The ego is saying I can do it wherever, whenever, and however I want, and you can't tell me otherwise. Don't pollute my project or me (or my thoughts), or fuck up my quiet little business here; grant me this wish to exist with as little responsibility as possible, but if there is credit to be had.... It's (quietly) all mine, bag and baggage!

    These 9's they are good at taking up space, the consummate consumer.

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      "A big forehead?" At this point I'm not sure if you're being willfully obtuse or what. I specified: body language. You clearly have no clue how I type people, but you have already made up your mind about it. I am not going to further argue about this. My comment to your post was an attempt at opening up a conversation about Terrence Malick's type, but you seem to have little interest in that. I suggest that, in the future, if you wish to criticize someone else's method, make sure that your own has substance. Otherwise this is just an instance of the pot calling the kettle black. Also, a little kindness can go a long way.

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      Please try to show good will on this forum.

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      My apologies, I will make an effort to avoid this type of exchange in the future. .

    Thanks, I'm not sure why I wasn't notified by email of your reply.

    Edit: Email notifications were off--fixed that.
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      Originally posted by LapisLazuli View Post
      I'm wondering if anyone can type film writer/director Terrence Malick from what little scraps of data there are.
      A very reclusive and enigmatic man. His piercing eyes and his head-centered body language (neglecting the body, in posture, is not likely to be a Gut type) point towards a type 5.

      Sleep on the Ceiling - Erosian Exile


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        Thank you, and nice photo of him--I hadn't seen that one before!