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Rules for the World forum and its subforums

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    Rules for the World forum and its subforums

    The rules are pretty simple. Any topic is up for debate and discussion, and I would love to see different viewpoints. This forum is so that any person feels safe to question and discuss any topic. I think the best way to understand each other is to discuss topics and ask questions.

    The only rule is that bullying users and strawmanning users with insults is not allowed. For instance, it is a strawman to tell someone that they are a pharma shill or a white supremacist in response to their discussion. If you think they are wrong, please explain why. I reserve the discretion to delete posts that break this rule. In general, if someone breaks this rule, I will respond with why they broke the rule and suggest better modes of communication, so that they understand. However, if it becomes a big problem, and threads are being completely derailed and members mobbed and attacked, I will start deleting posts. If people have a problem with how I deal with a specific scenario, they are free to message me.

    Second, if you are person who has PTSD or any emotional issues around a topic that make you feel like a topic should not discussed, I would strongly recommend taking care of yourself and staying away from the topic until you are ready. I will not be deleting topics, just because they trigger people. The reason why is because almost any topic could upset anyone for a variety of reasons, and we wouldn't be able to discuss anything.

    Last of all, I am not an expert in many topics, which is why I am allowing equal discussion of fringe views. In fact, nobody is an expert on all of these topics, which is why it is best to allow free discussion, so that people who do have knowledge can explain why the view is wrong, and it will be there for everyone to see. When you make it taboo to talk about fringe views, they tend to grow larger and larger in the shadows, because there is nobody there to shine a light and dispel them. Please be respectful and provide specific reasoning why someone is wrong. If you act disrespectfully of people, it doesn't matter if you are right. It turns people away, and makes it more likely for people to be pushed to believe wrong things.
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    The day is done, and the darkness

    Falls from the wings of Night,

    As a feather is wafted downward

    From an eagle in his flight.

    I see the lights of the village

    Gleam through the rain and the mist,

    And a feeling of sadness comes o'er me

    That my soul cannot resist:

    A feeling of sadness and longing,

    That is not akin to pain,

    And resembles sorrow only

    As the mist resembles the rain.