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Burn Commie Burn! Why China as We Know it will Cease to Exist by 2030

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    Burn Commie Burn! Why China as We Know it will Cease to Exist by 2030

    Courtesy of Peter Zeihan's works, pulled from 4 of his books and several lengthy interviews (I will post some of those in subsequent comments).

    1) China imports 85% of their energy, most of which has to pass through the Persian Gulf.
    2) Xi Jinping has one of the most complete cults of personality in recent history. So much so that he has more or less executed anyone for providing even the most trivially inconvenient news. As a result, he no longer gets....any reasonably accurate news or updates on world events whatsoever.
    3) China has less than a 1/3 the global average of arable land per capita.
    4) China's military is an army of combat virgins, who haven't really seen any real combat since 1975 with the zenith of the Vietnam War.
    5) As a result of the 1 child policy (and sex-selective abortions), China's breeding age population has the worst gender imbalance of just about any country in recorded history.
    6) Even by their own estimates, recent data has conclude that they've overcounted their population by at least 100 million.
    7) With regards to agriculture, China spends more per calorie of output than any other country on the planet.
    8) The most liberal estimates claim that China's population will be cut in half by 2070 on account of how severe their aging crisis is. More recent estimates put that number as close as 2050 (ie, a net loss of....650,000,000 people in the coming 3 decades).
    9) Wages in China have already risen 15 fold since 1999. That sounds great...until you realize it's driven primarily by severe labor shortages.
    10) Of the few breeding age males and females they do have, their current cultural setup more or less isolates them, leading to even lower prospects for demographic recovery.
    11) What little agricultural output they do have is dependent on chemical fertilizers of which they are by far the world's largest importer of.
    12) Most of those chemical fertilizers arrive via, wait for ports in the Black Sea.
    13) Just because they are the archetype of a net exporter of manufacturing goods does not mean that they aren't a net importer of virtually all of the most important and expensive raw materials inputs required for production.

    Wow thank you for this! I actually haven't followed China almost at all, since I have trouble distinguishing which news is real and which is fake, and with my eyes burning from too much writing & reading already (from being an author), I just haven't had the wherewithal to sort it out. I trust you to think straight on this stuff though, so I really appreciate the update.

    It makes sense. From everything I've heard, China's atmosphere sounds implosive. Weren't they also locking people in and starving them to death, using the excuse of covid lockdowns?


      Here's a few clips of him.
      First off, a ridiculously long one for those who have the time.

      some (relatively) shorter ones


        I can't argue with the theme in general, the sino-rossiya alliance is more or less doomed to its own productivity. A new world order is far from the table at this point, esp with the thread being created even before Putin's army was humiliated. Ugh.

        China is over-extended compared to the US. Here (usa), ppl constantly want to habitate, almost entirely from central/south america. Thank God they're Christians, (could you stop and think for second please?) Atheist Libs don't realize this, but whatever. In the US there aren't enough homes..... in metro China, they just build. They grabbed unto the idea (the image of real estate), buy real estate (no land), but it only works if other ppl keep buying. Ppl speculate that Xi has the greatest cult of personality occurring in the Chinese world now. With a peak, there is a fall..... collectively, humanity knows few plateaus. Rinse, repeat.

        And the ppl who come to the US only know how to work, and of course there's our political gallery to victimize this. They are oblivious (and obvious)... trust me I live in the southern US. There are a lot of Mexicans that work harder/longer than any Caucasians (er.. um). They get a lot of labor done, it's not up for debate. They actually do add to our economy, sorry if that grates the emotions.

        But getting back to the new world order that isn't. Both China and 'Rossiya' are over extended. The people that make those places aren't committed, at least in the way that is organic or genuine. Their tech is either old or stolen, and like Bal Boy pasted, neither ppl really know 'war' in this age. Go blame Osama for the US global dominance here, he pissed us off... that, fucking, bad. Sorry about your place. Here, it should've just been a president humiliated for having his dick sucked by an intern in the Oval Office. And we don't claim him either btw... the idea is greater than any one man, but we don't take to corruption and that's what separates the 'West' from the Russia. Putin wants to be a politician upon a world stage, but honestly he's a weak speaker, and a womanizer quite frankly. As such the average Russian citizen has little problem, our man. (sound familiar?) Isn't everyone a 'homer' at some point?

        Everything is bad now, but we're talking about it, like almost eating our young (maybe that's another thread), to the point that just might equate.... responsibility. Go live well, maybe it's all way bigger than deserves to be worried about, the New World is not done being the new world anytime soon.

        You almost have to wonder, do the east even read the west?

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