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Crown of the Enneagram


  • Crown of the Enneagram

    9s take this fear on at the deepest level: to combat this fear, they metaphorically resist being 'born' - leaving the womb creates separation. Unconsciously, they bury awareness of the most painful aspects of their personhood.

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      Tests, quizzes, questionnaires, all these serve as introductions to the Enneagram. These are the entree before the grand dinner. They get you to start thinking in ways that might help with uncovering your motives and your fears, and that's where the process of typing yourself begins. But just like no hunger can be satiated with appetizers alone, an Enneagram type cannot be determined without further study, introspection, and examination of the psyche.

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      Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings, is an excellent example of the nine archetype. He is essentially shown to be a diplomat who is a go between all the warring races who hate each other. Gandalf acting as a diplomat is shown clearly in The Hobbit when he tries to convince the dwarves, humans, and elves to fight against their common enemy rather than with each other. Despite his wisdom and diplomacy, he avoids taking charge and ever exerting his will. Galadriel at one point asks him to be the head of
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      Nine can be envisioned as a pendulum with loss of self on one end and loss of other external things on the other end. What many nines strive for is to be right in the middle of this pendulum where they have somehow attained the perfect balance between their inner world and the outer world. The goal is to form a perfect unity between the internal and the external so that no loss of any sort ever has to be experienced. Of course in actuality, this leads to a constant tension from within to keep this
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