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    Natal Chart - Melancholia

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    Hello to anyone interested! I'd like to explore my natal chart and learn more about how to interpret it. I'm somewhat familiar with planets in houses, and have done a fair amount of reading about the sun, moon, and rising combination. But I'd really like to learn more about ASPECTS and the picture they paint.

    Stabs at interpreting my chart are welcomed!

    I used this calculator to determine my aspects, I'm just not entirely sure what it actually means haha. Perhaps it was unnecessary, but I wrote them all out for the sake of being able to quickly access it and because if I write/type something I'll start to remember it:
    Sun Moon 120 TRINE
    Sun Mercury 22 SEMI-OCTILE
    Sun Uranus 180 OPPOSITION
    Sun MC 60 SEXTILE
    Moon Mars 150 INCONJUNCT
    Moon Uranus 60 SEXTILE
    Moon MC 180 OPPOSITION
    Mercury Saturn 150 INCONJUNCT
    Mercury Neptune 150 INCONJUNCT
    Mercury Pluto 150 INCONJUNCT
    Venus Jupiter 30 SEMISEXTILE
    Venus Asc 120 TRINE
    Mars Uranus 150 INCONJUNCT
    Jupiter Asc 144 BI-QUINTILE
    Saturn Neptune 00 CONJUNCTION
    Saturn Pluto 60 SEXTILE
    Saturn Asc 60 SEXTILE
    Uranus Pluto 51 SEPTILE
    Uranus MC 120 TRINE
    Neptune Pluto 60 SEXTILE
    Neptune Asc 60 SEXTILE
    Pluto Asc 00 CONJUNCTION
    Pluto MC 72 QUINTILE
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      Have you ever had a professional reading done? I have and they can be quite cheap and very insightful.


      • DAPHNE XO
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        If you would like recommendations let me know, your chart is full of water and earth... awesome!

      • Melancholia
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        Sure! I'd love some recos!

      • DAPHNE XO
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        Ah, the guy I used at the time who was superb is no longer doing customised readings but here is his blog anyway:

        I try not to dabble with astrology too much. Once you get into it, it's hard to come out!