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Tarot cards that represent you ! :)

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    Tarot cards that represent you ! :)

    Hello everyone !

    I am so glad Erica opened a tarot section on the forum ! <3

    I was thinking of opening a thread where we could explore what cards we resonate with the most. I think this can be connected to typology too - I see certain cards as representative of certain CT functions and/or to Enneagram fixes.

    I will start talking about my own soul card. I have to say I never fully identified with the energy of any of the cards in the RWS deck. The closest would be the Queen of Wands, but the image doesn't speak to me on a truly personal level.

    I recently discovered that I resonate a whole lot with The Fool from the Joie de Vivre tarot deck though :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	joie-de-vivre-09451.jpg
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    I was amazed by how many details in this card remind me of my personality and inner (and outer) journey. First, of course, this woman has a pretty casual position, so she looks like a Pe lead (though I suppose she could be another type too... but the Fool tends to be a Pe heavy card, so this would fit better with the card's general thematic). Then, her oval eyes and raised outer edges suggest an Se-Ni user... And I also think she has an Fi smile.

    She is on the run, having a small backpack - so she is exploring the world, being present and future oriented and holding just the strictly necessary baggage with her. I moved from my hometown to another city where I did my studies and after that to another one - for a new job. I am planning to move back to the second place I lived. Also, I am very curious about all sorts of topics and have a certain thirst for information that can be almost never satiated. I move from a passion to another, trying to cover as much space as possible. Maybe this is 5 disintegrating to 7 ?

    I am Fi conscious and I think she is too - as she is smelling and maybe listening to the flower that represents her Fi. Also, she is holding her staff with a certain meticulousness and finesse.

    She risks to fall in the water below and be eaten alive by the crocodile, which is again very fitting, because I am going through a period in which unconscious elements keep coming up to the light and need to be confronted.

    I love that she is pulled back by a bat and not by a dog, like the classical Fool, because I love bats and have fed some that got rescued from an old building and held in a safe place by a local NGO !
    lso, I think Se reckless tendencies need to be held back by Ni caution and since my Ni is not conscious, it makes sense for the bat to appear as a night creature behind the main character. I read that the bat's name is Prudence, which seems to confirm my theory.

    I also love that there is a spider hanging from the Fool's staff. I have seen some spiders when I tried to do visualizations of my inner landscapes and I came to realize they might represent a rejected part of myself. The part that weaves everything together and creates a coherent narrative about the world. So, it's astonishing the spider is also behind our Fool and hanging from her staff, that has a bit of a similarity to crosiers. See? love this path but I will not shout it in the wind. It's there but it's not emphasized; it's just suggested.

    She also has the fool's cap, which is pretty much in line with Se trickster energy.

    I could think of other cards I resonate with but this is my most recent discovery and I also thought it fits with this being the very first post in this section. The beginning of a journey...

    I'm curious if you guys also have cards that you resonate with and why. Also, do you think they are connected to your enneagram or CT type?

    I will revisit this thread once I reviewed the cards, but I'm curious what card would fit me Bera ?


      I need to find a perfect deck. Right now I have this old one which I've rarely used and these are the cards that resonate with me at the moment, aesthetically and thematically. I haven't looked up the meaning yet because I'm going with my gut.

      Click image for larger versionName:	image_665.jpgViews:	0Size:	132.7 KBID:	4566


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        The style of the deck isn't really my style although it's attractive. But I need a bit more impact. Bera - where does one shop for decks? Is there a good place online?

      • Bera
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        It's not exactly my style either but I love these cards, Animal ! Is it the Haindl Tarot deck? Or another one?
        I can also see that these cards represent you very well ! <3
        The Strength depiction is interesting - with a snake instead of a lion.
        I also love The Mother of Wands in the East - Kali appears in some of your collages too !

        I also resonate with the Queen of Wands - I think Pe can be connected to Wands, Ji - Cups, Je - Swords and Pi - Pentacles. I used to think it's I-Wands, S- Pentacles, T-Swords and F- Cups, but I know a Ti lead who came up in some daily cards as King of Cups and this was one of the factors that made me think about the system from this perspective too. Also 3 Ne leads have appeared in readings and daily cards as Kings/Knight of Wands but this doesn't help that much in clarifying this issue.
        I think I heard this theory about suits connected to Pe, Pi, Je and Ji from Ash first...not sure...but we should analyze the cards deeply to see if it is correct.
        I think it's an interesting question if the cup, a reflection of the Holy Grail, is necessarily about emotions or about idealism and purity. Of course in some cases they are connected.
        The same with Wands- thinking of 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 7 and 10 of Wands...I rather see Pe than N.

        It's also possible that the cards reflect a certain perspective about the human psyche. Without much analysis I think it's NF with undervalued T perspective. I would not bet on delta or beta yet. Anyway I think we will need to create a tarot deck rightly correlated with CT because in the current ones there is overlapping and some mixing of functions, it's not yet a perfect system.

        Sorry, I completely diverged from the topic. Maybe I should start a new thread about this.

        I'm curious who the other Queens in your deck are...are they goddesses too?

      Ace of Swords from the "Dark Tarot" (by Luis Royo) deck.


      I connected to the image before knowing of the deck. Really, the images for the deck are taken from Royo's art portfolio that already existed before, so the meaning as connected to the card was not pre-imagined.

      First, the color scheme is right up my alley. Exactly what I use in my collages. Gold, black, and white. Perfection.
      The atmosphere with the moon and the clouds and the wind in this piece is just hmmm!
      The woman might be the fantasy-fiction female presentation of myself. Looking straight on, into the onlooker's eyes, hair in the wind, hands clutching the hilt of the serpentine sword... She is a Warrior of the Night.
      A single tear of blood.



      The Ace of Swords handles single-minded action relating to the area of ideas and thought. The issue is one of clarity, and my own personal story pivots around this so much indeed.
      Sleep on the Ceiling - Erosian Exile


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      • Bera
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        This card seems created especially for you,thinking of colors, theme, general looks almost as if it was a collage made by you !
        This would actually be a point for the theory that T is represented by the Swords suit.
        Hm,I will try to test this a bit more.

      Atelier you give me High Priestess, Empress and Death vibes. I showed you an Empress card that I thought was fitting before. Now I also looked for good High Priestess and Death cards...

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Empress.jpg Views:	0 Size:	38.7 KB ID:	4793
      Click image for larger version  Name:	high priestess.jpg Views:	0 Size:	179.7 KB ID:	4794
      Click image for larger version  Name:	death.jpg Views:	0 Size:	21.0 KB ID:	4795

      I think the Empress can be connected to being a 2, the High Priestess to being Ni lead and Death to being Sp/Sx. I see this in your collages too, we could look at some and analyze it more...? You use a lot of imagery that suggests a combination of fertility/creativity and death. Flowers growing out of skellies. I haven't read much about Enneagram for a long time, I focused more on CT...but I remember this is representative of Sp/Sx.

      Oh, when I am talking about Death, I mainly mean cutting out unnecessary stuff and going to the essential, which is very much what Ji does - both Ti and Fi - but also inner transformation ( the sort that happens underground and is connected to sex and fertility...corpses rotting and fertilizing the earth, so that juicy stuff can grow out of it).



        Click image for larger version

Name:	1magician.jpg
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        IDK much about tarot... ffs there are like 78 cards with their own unique meanings and even then each of those cards may have different meanings! but I'd guess The Magician
        Didn't really find one that vibes with me but this one is soooo cute!!! It's all like "well yes I can but wholesome requests only!"

        Click image for larger version

Name:	img_1473.jpg?ssl=1.jpg
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        And maybe a bit of Queen of Cups
        "If you are God, and the delusion becomes reality,
        About what kind of the noids you get?
        Is it the sensual world? The despotic society?
        The destructive sanctions?

        -Chaos;Head title screen


        • Bera
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          I love these cards ! <3 They are really cute !

          I think this Queen of Cups is from the same deck I got The Fool card from ! :<3

          And yes, the Queen of Cups definitely has a loving, nurturing energy.


        I chose this, because I love things done in black/white and greys. And the Ouroboros and I can see it moving in cycles in my mind.

        The unconscious, but the intriguing outlandish world.

        Randomness the and ups and downs in life.
        "Distress, whether psychic, physical, or intellectual, need not at all produce nihilism.
        Such distress always permits a variety of interpretations."



        • Bera
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          Very interesting cards !

          What deck is the first one from? I'd love to see some of the others. I also like simple and intense depictions and I am thinking of maybe getting a black and white deck in the future. The impact is powerful and hard to forget.