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The Law of the Land

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    The Law of the Land

    Erosia is my homeland, but I followed the infamous Sky into exile. My life's mission is to bring the spirit of Erosia to Earth through the arts. Here, I invite you to join me in this mission.

    In Erosia, there's no such thing as marriage or divorce, gay or straight. There is only love. Nudity is natural and beautiful - the body is celebrated. Erosians came into the world with breasts, libido and blood. They celebrate the experience of being alive.

    Art mirrors life and life mirrors art. In Erosia, where love is free to thrive, there is no need to reprimand nudity or expression. There is no shame in arousing someone's interest or inspiring their fantasies. Desire fuels art.

    Yet where there is desire, there is suffering. Where there is life, there is death. Free will invites competition. Nature takes its course.

    It is impossible to take any action without the risk of causing pain to someone else. But as long as there is love in our souls, it feels good to be open-hearted. We may hurt each other, but empathy drives us to confront our shadows and strive to be better. Once empathy disappears, there is no reason to be accountable toward others.

    When someone stops believing in love, they disappear from Erosia. This allows the society to retain its integrity.

    The Creation forum mirrors Erosia. It is here for those who love, live and thrive. Honest expression is encouraged. Nudity and eroticism are welcome, but pornography is not. The difference lies in the sentiment behind it. Posts which contain gratuitous vulgarity, debase others and lack humanity will be removed.

    We encourage genuine self expression, and we don't expect anyone to be a mind-reader. In most cases, if a post is offensive to the mods, we will assume good intent and PM you to explain why your post was removed. If you violate our requests after that, you will receive an infraction. Over time, if you continue to disrespect our requests, you will be exiled from the Creation forum.

    We invite reactions, analysis and critique, provided the dialogue is constructive. Remember that artists pour their soul into their work. Respond with respect. Likewise, we ask that artists respect those who offer input about their work. Posting your art in public invites feedback. If someone takes the time to give a thoughtful critique and you insult them in return, this is rude. We expect people to communicate honestly, honor each other's requests and be humane. Everyone must exercise empathy in this forum.

    Welcome to Erosia!

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    If you wish to debate the difference between art and vulgarity, or if you believe we are allowing offensive work to be posted, feel free to start a respectful debate in the Religion & Culture forum. Ultimately, these decisions will be at the mods' discretion, but we do consider thoughtful arguments and respond to the needs of the community at large.
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