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    Dream a little dream

    This dream feels rather straightforward, but also a fun thing to start with so: This person was supposed to draw a tarot card, but they feared that it would reveal a secret, so they tried to pick a different card. Then there was another person (actually, they might have been the same at first because dreams make sense like that), who was supposed to be someone important, but the main character of the dream suspected that they were not who they were giving the impression of being. And they wanted to expose them! However, they had no proof, so they did the next best thing -- confronting them in their bedroom and then locking them inside their closet while planning what to do.

    Sadly the dream ended before things got further than that, but it reminds me of how a lot of my fantasies revolved around blackmail. Not that I ever have anything to hide, but I've wondered what these sort of fantasies says about my relationship to the image-triad.

    Perhaps posting this will help me remember more dreams as well.


    Interesting association with blackmail and the image triad. How do you connect the two?


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      Well, it brings to mind feelings of shame, the idea of being exposed... then again it might be more self-preservational in a way as there is the possibility that they could be killed or tortured if they were found out.

    Still struggling to remember my dreams... But I'm remembering parts of my last dream, it was about some kind of video game that had to do with war (though it was also like a platformer), and I lost at the end because I messed up a step. It had to do with getting two birds to hatch and I only got one, and when I realized that I needed another one I ran out of time before I was able to go back to the bird mother to hatch another egg. Afterwards there was a conversation about how a lot of what we thought were monsters (we were looking at pictures of them in a book) was probably just spies and such in disguise. Very deep.


      I'm reminded of a dream I had years ago, about a girl who discovered she has no heart. She was very resentful over this, as if she wanted to blame someone, but it was just a fact. It was kind of an interesting dream because usually, dreams are filled with anxiety and dread, but this one seemed to be more about grief and anger.

      I had a dream tonight where I was talking to and planning to move in with my crush hhhhhhh (who in reality ghosted me several months ago)
      Honestly, I think it's mainly a result of me looking at drapes for my bedroom yesterday. I wasn't really planning to still be living here by now, but then... there was a change of plans.
      So in my dream they were commenting on how sparse my apartment was, as if it wasn't really lived in, but we were actually in his apartment (which looked nicer than it likely is in reality).
      Before this he had sent me a message, where he was giving me more credit than was warranted (as I had used some underhanded methods to get into contact with him again)

      While I'm on the subject, I had another dream a while ago where he asked me if I really thought he could love me. Almost sounds like Frozen lol, but it wasn't like that, it was more... accusing, like he felt resentful at me for being so cynical about it.
      But well.
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        Had a dream a few nights ago where I was visiting my ex, but instead I met another girl at his place. When I woke up I asked him if he had met someone else and he confirmed. So after that I've been in quite a funk. There's something funny about being so distraught over this now after my heart has been breaking over another guy for like a year now, but the truth is that this sense of rejection doesn't just break my heart in the romantic sense, but it also makes me feel very defenseless. Like I'm on my own in a den of wolves. And I was thinking if that's So-ish because it's like seeking an alliance, but I've also been trying to think less about this stuff.

        Before that I had a dream where I was supposed to meet someone in a building, but said building disappeared (I had been inside it and met them earlier but I was going to return). Like it was partly digital so when the webpage was deleted so too was the building erased from existence. This dream was not as distressing but it was frustrating because something was going to happen but I missed out because everything was suddenly erased.


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          I don't think they were old, though who knows if they could appear to be younger than they were, but I think the other people there were older... I think I don't remember a lot about them because we didn't interact much.

          (And also one reason I think it had to do with a play was because there was a backstage area)

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          Okay, so, in a dream like this, all the people in it represent aspects of your own psyche and also the building represents your complete psyche. Are you aware of this? It's the most basic Jungian dream analysis.

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          Mmyes, been looking into it

        Remembered another dream somewhat. Here I was trying to meet up with a girl somewhere in town, but kept going off course because my sense of direction is quite poor, and I was concerned about running out of time. (The girl was, hm... reminded me of someone from school, but not sure, and she was kind of "intimidating" which was one reason I wanted to meet up, because I wanted to keep up) Also the town was similar to my home town, but there was a store there was in another country, and I considered buying something because things were cheaper, and this guy wanted to help me buy something.


          Also a while ago I had a different dream with a building in it... I remember pretty much nothing else about that dream though, only a sort of vibe or feel. Made this collage partly to try and remember more of the dream (henche I used that picture of the buildings in the background):

          No luck, though.


            Had a dream where I was getting birth control pills and buying Pokemon games... funny combination.

            Earlier I had this dream that was... interesting, but also embarrassing, as it involves a person I met irl. And in the dream it was similar, however they were meeting up with this mysterious cult. Or something. I tried to ask them about it, to find out more, but they were withholding. They were kind of an ass and also probably on drugs. I remember their eyes being red. At some point I was trying to spy on them, but I don't remember much detail other than they were standing around water.

            Also I was staying with this old woman who was into healing stuff. There was kind of this sensual atmosphere.

            (It might have been partially inspired by the fact that I was playing Vampire the masquerade earlier, though pretty sure they weren't vampires in the dream, but the game has these cults and stuff)


              I had a couple of dreams about going swimming earlier. At first I thought it was mainly longing for freedom because of being stuck inside quarantine but also it was funny because I don't usually enjoy swimming much, so looking up the symbolism for it, it apparently has to do with therapy, which is interesting. Although in my swimming dreams I or the main character of the dream was only going to swim. Still, it gives me an idea.

              This time I had a dream about a killer who was targeting autists or something, and I was supposed to find them. And I remember going to this house, big wooden house painted white, with several people inside. And of course, I wasn't sure if any one of them could be the killer (the killer might not have been human though). There was this man who wanted to talk to me alone, but his wife kept following, possibly suspicious about her man wanting to talk to another woman in private, but actually he wanted to talk to me about the mystery of the killer as he had some clues.

              Basically kind of a creepy dream, but I remember going upstairs (think that was the last thing before I woke up) which is probably a good sign going by dream symbolism directory. :P Seriously though, maybe it's connected to the black building dream because of the contrast, going up the staircase in a white house vs going down the elevator in a black building.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	tumblr_pb5certckL1rowl1zo1_400.gifv.gif Views:	0 Size:	26.6 KB ID:	9734

              (Or maybe if the dream had continued I would have actually met the killer upstairs )

              Seriously though, I've been feeling better lately. More hopeful, but also I realize something that's helped to put me in a more upwards mood is coming to an end soon and then I'm concerned about the fall.
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                Woke up too early today, and ended up going back to bed after having breakfast... lol. At least I got an interesting dream out of it.

                It was about a YA show that "no one watched" that was compared to Twilight. Basically this girl comes to a new town, meets a mysterious boy and doki doki uwu. However, instead of vampires, it had fish people. It also had an ambiance of "once you enter this town, you can never leave" which gave me some associations to Uzumaki. I think I remember something about the main character trying to escape through a sewer.

                I also dreamt something about going to a cafe (lol). It was quite a large but also quaint place. The main thing I remember is that I was debating whether to go to the bathroom or find someplace to sit while I was waiting for my food to be done. So this part seemed more mundane at first so I didn't think it was as interesting, but there was something else going on there...
                There was someone there, who... I don't remember exactly what was going on with them, only that it wasn't good. Mind you, I did not know this person, don't think I ever even interacted with them but I wouldn't have gotten along with them if I did, as they didn't seem particularly nice. So perhaps it was bad karma catching up with them. I think they had made some kind of deal, and got turned into a butterfly, at least I think it was some sort of insect. I thought at first they might have been mounted inside a picture in the cafe, but whoever did it to them might, in fact, have put them inside their book, because this entity was collecting people... by turning them into insects and pinning them inside their book.

                (And yes these dreams were going on at the same time... the story in the TV show is still happening but in a different universe and they might cross over or be connected in some way but I am not sure how these storylines were connected because I might have woken up before I got to that part.)
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                  Fish people reminds me of another dream I had a while ago.

                  It started with this guy who was being hunted down by something, I think he tried to drive far away to escape, but what he was trying to escape manifested itself as darkness, so when night fell it invaded his dreams and ripped him apart from the inside.

                  Then it went back in time. Possibly in an attempt to fix things. However this time it focused on his girlfriend. I think she had discovered that these guys he was involved with were up to no good, and they might have been fish-monsters in disguise. I had written down that she was very naive at first, but still, they must have wanted to silence her. So they tried pulling her into water to drown her. She was able to escape (originally she might have drowned?), however, coming into contact with the water at all affected her. Slowly, she began to change. At first, it was mostly cosmetic, with her skin becoming really gross. It was bad enough that when she tried talking to someone to ask for help, they would recoil from her. So it was hard enough to communicate with anyone, but gradually she lost her ability to speak at all. She was becoming less and less human, turning into some kind of fish/slug with no ability to move or anything.

                  Meanwhile, there was this investigation going on, and there was a question of time whether she would be able to find someone to speak with before the transformation was complete.

                  Possibly the guy had repressed his guilt for getting involved with the fish people and being complicit in what happened to his girlfriend. And that was the stalker that eventually hunted him down.


                    Wow, I had the first sex dream I've had in a while. Honestly I never liked having sex dreams because they make me feel violated, but since I've felt cut-off from my sexuality for a while now, it's interesting.


                      I dreamt of going to the beach uwu


                        I had a dream about a tiger cub it was very cute and well there was more to the dream than that but it's interesting I seem to be having dreams that are kind of "fuzzy" when in my waking life everything feels miserable and I'm used to my dreams being more dreadful

                        what might be frustrating about the dream is that it could be related to my biological urge to have babies but I don't actually want to be a mother or pregnant, so I'm at odds with my instincts here... but it could be larger than that too, about how I cannot deal with anything in adulthood though I've technically been an adult for a while and motherhood is just one symbol of that

                        (because earlier this week I was visiting Ikea with my family and it reminded me of my ex and how I wasn't able to move to live with him and how trapped I feel because I am ill-equipped to deal with life)

                        but yeah, about my dream. I think I was with a friend or two and we came upon this cabin of sorts. It was winter, though the snow wasn't very deep I think. More slushy. It was probably night. Inside the cabin we found the tiger cub, like it was some kind of strange indoors-zoo. It might have broken out of the room it was supposed to be in but now it was separate from its mother so we needed to return it to that room. I don't remember if I was more conflicted over wanting to keep the tiger cub or being scared of going inside the tiger room. I mean, holding the tiger cub was itself challenging enough since it was bigger than a cat and unruly. I think I was able to return it though but I woke up before I could continue the journey.