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Thoughts about Your Own Romantic Relationships (Past or Present)

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    Thoughts about Your Own Romantic Relationships (Past or Present)

    Ramble here about your partner, ex, crush, ideal partner, dream date. This thread is for romantic reminiscing in any form you choose - love letters, cathartic rants, erotica, gratitude, hate. Art is welcome.

    If I had a time machine, and I could go back to the year I lost my voice, I definitely could prevent it knowing what I know now. Back then, no one knew about Lyme and it was bad treatments that caused this voice loss to remain permanent.

    So I have sometimes wondered over the years - if I had a time machine, would I go back? Would I give up everything I have now to live a life where I had my voice? The answer was sometimes difficult. But most of the time, if I really dug deep and was honest with myself, it would be YES. I'd give it all up to be able to sing. Being famous and having a career is not even the point. The point is just the love of singing, the feeling of immersion in music, the way it unveiled my soul. Nothing ever came close.

    But now, I know, for the first time in my life, I would not step into that time machine. Because my husband is the most incredible, strong, beautiful, thoughtful, clever and honest man anyone could ask for, and on top of that, he is my soulmate. We are perfect together. We fill in where the other lacks and we see each other completely. There is absolutely nothing in the world that is worth giving that up. Not even my youth, my health and my voice. Nothing! All the suffering, loss and pain was worth it since I have him. And I never take that for granted.

    Every morning when I see his beautiful face, I feel the love in my entire body. No one has ever made me feel such pure, unadulterated love except for my cat. But he is more fun to hug than a cat.

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      I've actually thought about this before- I'd step into the time machine. First I go to 1973, kidnap a random Asian looking baby, register that birth as my own, give the baby back to the parents. Then I take the papers and travel to a few years before 1998, so I can set up a life for myself with legal documentation. Most likely via something stupid like stocks. Then in 1998 I kidnap my baby husband and register him as a home birth, father unknown. Then in 1999 I kidnap myself for a better life..... though I think I'd throw myself into foster care to keep the family history less fishy (depends on how sketchy is a single mom with 2 kids from 2 dads is seen in 1999). I think kid me would be able to handle it.
      Yeah I know that means the chance of us ending up together is close to nil but that doesn't matter. Just gotta hope that my husband doesn't jump on the genetics testing bandwagon or that's gonna be awkward to explain.
      "If you are God, and the delusion becomes reality,
      About what kind of the noids you get?
      Is it the sensual world? The despotic society?
      The destructive sanctions?

      -Chaos;Head title screen


        He loves me when I'm skinny
        He loves me when I'm fat
        He loves me when I'm bad or good
        And he's graceful as a KAT!
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          Sometimes I'm insanely cryptic... i dont think this time i am tho... im just going to write whatever cryptic idea comes to mind

          sometimes i dare not to ask
          if anything when ophelia stared into thine hamlet's eyes
          she should have her veil lifted from her
          the flowers will wilt but they will salt the earth she walks around
          and every step she takes will not trail with daisies
          but footsteps
          but i dare not ask
          for ophelia keeps dancing and spinning in hamlet's arms
          hides her letters and from polonious's sight
          if only her life were letters and pictures
          dances in the creek
          foot steps light on the lillypads
          fireflies lighting his face
          but i dare not ask
          So ophelia can't stay on the tree branch
          she cant sing her lullabies
          eyes lifted in a city she barely knows
          with a drive ten times smaller then that of hamlet's
          let your arms finally touch me
          Hamlet come here instead
          and remember
          you aren't my tragic hero


            edit: not going to do this again, saw the thread and wanted to rant but then it just wasn't sitting right with me, sorry for wasted post

            summary was 'ugh 1s'
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              My relationship history has been mostly negative, I could only celebrate my heartbreak and agony, and that's not really entertaining to anyone. While I certainly have a few juicy stories, my embarrassment precludes disclosing them here. I mean, there were some real love-sick follies on my part. On the flip side, it feels like bad luck celebrating anything functional.

              That said, I'm content just having a stable relationship at this point, solemnly enjoying them and the peace of mind. I'm the sort of guy that has an above-average female energy, and my lady, while feminine and attractive, is a bit male-minded. It took a while, but I'm glad I found her. She still has her own crises and trifles though, but at least I can talk her off the ledge, while presenting a discipline to my own chaos. It's the natural state of our symbiotic little thing. Our complement. The deeper union that I might've wanted to cajole or create in my own imagination when I was really young, the special juice, it's still being built but one stone at a time.
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                All my crushes for the longest time were on fictional characters but that's a regular experience for teens I guess :P
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