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What Are Some Movies Or Shows That Describe You.

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    What Are Some Movies Or Shows That Describe You.

    If someone wanted an idea of who you are, what movies or shows would you point them towards.

    -Melancholia. A pretty honest look at major depression.

    - The Wolf Of Wall Street. Hedonism, sex, risk, ambition.

    -Whiplash. Music, risk, pursuit of greatness at all costs.

    -Pollock. Creative struggles and inner demons.

    -Shame. Darkness underneath the shiny veneer.

    -The Great Gatsby. Love, risk, obsession, and the drive that fuels The American Dream.

    -Walk The Line. Music, love, and battling one's own darkness.

    -Wedding Crashers. Fun, charm, craziness and love.

    -The Godfather. Power, family, ambition.

    -Mad Men. Sex, status, cynicism, and the fascade.

    -Game of Thrones. Power, sex, cynicism and survival in a brutal world.

    • The Secret of Roan Inish
    • Lady in the Water
    • Coraline
    • Slumdog Millionaire
    • Mushishi
    • Once
    • The Joker
    • anything by Quentin Tarantino (The Hateful Eight is a great one): I actually really HATE gorey movies except with Tarantino. My god he is a master story teller and his cinematography is gorgeous. I think that's probably the biggest element with all of these movies is the mental build up and suspense. I'm not that into action for action. He is one of the rare people in Hollywood actually putting out original, masterful stories.
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    It drives me away
    But it turns me on
    Like a stranger's love
    It rockets through the universe
    It fuels the lies and feeds the curse
    Believes we could be


      The Name of the Rose. "Stat Rosa Pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus".


      There aren't characters or movies like me.
      I'd show them book 2 in my own series. When it's done.


        I know The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was used as the type 9 description in here, but honestly that nails a lot of me pretty well.


        • Melancholia
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          I LOVE that movie so much <3

        Mosaferan (Travelers). All characters.

        The film was made in 1992 by Bahram Beyzaie, a Baha'i by birth, in the style of a Ta'zieh (Iranian Shia passion play). Mahtab (Moonlight) and her family travel by car from their home on the Caspian shore to attend her sister's wedding in Tehran and bring the ceremonial bridal mirror. The mirror is passed down in Iranian Shia families but is actually a Zoroastrian symbol of Ahura Mazda, Lord of the Light of Knowledge. Iran has among the highest traffic fatalities in the world and Mahtab and her family are killed in an accident en route. What was to be a wedding ceremony is now a funeral vigil but the mother believes that Mahtab will come. As more and more people from all walks of life arrive to attend the vigil, they fight about who, what was responsible for the accident--the driver, the car, highway maintenance, the authorities, God's will--widening festering wounds and grievances. Through it all the mother continues to insist that Mahtab is coming and people say she's gone insane. Violence breaks out among all the quarrellers and subsides when the bride and groom decide to have the wedding. Mahtab and her family appear with the mirror (1:29') and the mother welcomes them and says she knew they'd come.

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          I've just realized the video segment I posted above plays very badly in daylight. Please view it as closely as possible to how it was intended to be shown--in a dark theater, on a large screen, with good sound and no distractions; otherwise may be better not to watch at all.,,
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            Okay, some more. The Tree of Life that is seen throughout the segment is also the theme of Persian carpets. It has particular meaning in Zoroastrianism (see Iranian section, the Haoma--Soma--and the Gaokerena).


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            In the beginning the workmen were cleaning the carpet but when the news of the death comes they're cutting down the tree and the bride cuts the roses...Ihave to watch it with subtitles again after all these (17) years.

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            "As a reaction, Ahura Mazda created two kar fish staring at the frog to guard the tree. The two fish are always staring at the frog and stay ready to react to it." Was wondering why the twin girls with the two fish on their sweaters.

          Oops. Sorry. I didn't mean to watch the whole movie. It doesn't even have subtitles. (Not to stop you if you want to and it can be rented with them). I just meant the segment I said, which is at 1 hour 29 minutes for six minutes till the end. But IT SEEMS SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED THAT.


          p.s. You should be able to watch it here with subtitles for a $5.99 charge Tsenjin. I'm going to soon.

          Or $2.49/mo. with yearly subscription. I'll probably do that one.

          (I remembered this plot a bit wrong, been a long time, and I couldn't find a summary in English. I'm going to have to fix that first post after I watch the film, subtitled.)
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