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Is there anything like vultology (reading expressions) for Enneagram?

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    Is there anything like vultology (reading expressions) for Enneagram?

    I've recently taken an interest in the face/expression reading of cognitive type theory, and I thought it'd be neat to compare and contrast that with something comparable for Enneagram. If anyone has any ideas or experience related to this let me know. It can even be something incidental, like fashion choices, or tangential, like reading characteristic speech patterns of a given enneatype.

    In lieu of anything direct, I also would be interested in the visual typing done by collage-making. As much as I'd like to discover something directly related, like preliminary work in face-reading for Enneagram, I'd rather come away with something indirectly related than have a thread met only with crickets.

    Yes, Katherine Fauvre does microexpressions and collages pertaining to enneagram. I don't know the ins and outs of it because I don't have the thousands of dollars necessary to attend her programs. But the research does exist.


      No, there isn't such a thing in the Enneagram world. Sure, Fauvre tried dabbling her little toe in that pond, but the results speak for themselves.

      I think looking for micro-expressions is chasing the wrong rabbit, especially when the understanding of the macro-expression (the overall gestalt in body language) hasn't been properly documented first.

      One must study patterns in movement and then evaluate if they correspond to the underlying temperaments of each Enneagram type. This type of study has never been successfully done, as far as I'm aware.

      When it comes to collage reading, as insightful as it can be (as any reading of an art piece has the potential to be), it offers no value in regards to an objective reading of type. A simple blind study of this will show you that, without prior knowledge of the author of the collage, the readings vary from marginally accurate to wildly off-target.
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