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    Diversity within your type

    there is a tendency in the Enneagram community to think that some times have almost no diversity (4s, 5s and 8s), others have a little (1s, 2s and 7s) and everyone else must be one of the infinite permutations of 3/6/9. I don't buy this at all. I believe is quite a bit of diversity in terms of energy within 4s, 5s, 8s and everyone else. if anything, I feel like 4 is probably one of the most varied in terms of energy, while 6s, though incredibly diverse in behavior, beliefs and character, have an unmistakable energy about them that I rarely miss.

    so I'll start with my type


    • Daeva
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      What type are you describing here? I'm seeing an 8w7, 5w4, 3w4, 8w9/3w4, and some dramatic 2 caricature, in that order. I'm not familiar with some of the characters, like Frank Underwood and the cartoon, but Hannibal Lecter as a 5w4 seems like a rather clear typing and this is surely not the type of the other characters.
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    I don't know about the wider community, but I (and my fellow Enneatuders who type many of these the same way) have a pretty diverse understanding of each type. I mean... for example here are a few people I type at 5w6 leading. Some of these are my own typings, some are typings we did in Enneatude which I've looked into myself and agree with.

    My doctor, Social 5w6 with an 8w7 fix. This guy is a hero of magnificent proportions... he travels the world fronting the cause of getting Lyme recognized. He faces a lot of danger with this because the whole "Chronic Lyme doesn't exist" thing is a political scandal. Anyway..

    Sp/Sx 5w6 1w9 4w3

    Sx/So 5w6 4w3 8w7

    Sx/Sp 5w6 3w4 9w1

    Elon Musk, 529 , 5w6 Sp/So

    Maynard James Keenan, 5w6 with 2 and 1, Sx/Sp

    George Soros 5w6 with 3 and 8 - Soc Last

    Bill Gates

    Jack from WSS - 538 So/Sp. Some type him as 7 but as of now I disagree

    Auburn from CT - Sx lead. I can't find his face in any of his public footage thus far.. how 5ish.

    Emporer Palpetine, 583, So/Sp

    Newt Scamander (from Fantastic Beasts & where to find them) - 5w6

    Beast (from Xmen)

    My guess is the vampiric Morbius (played by Jared Leto) will be 5w6, but not sure yet

    Dr. Manhattan

    Also keep in mind, this list is Se-Ni and Ni-Se heavy. The only Ne ish character on the fiction list would be Newt from Fantastic Beasts, for example. So this is still not THAT diverse. It's just the 5s that I specifically - or prominent members in my Se & Ni heavy group - were attracted to typing. Yet, it is very diverse. Among real people, Auburn is TiNe, and Matt Bellamy I suspect FiNe.
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    • BalalaikaBoy
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      side note: Jack is not 8 fixed, especially not 538. that's basically the sinister Bond villain/banker tritype. they'll fill more diverse roles for sure, but that type has an unmistakable way about them, and is far more cutting in conflict whereas he pulls back and gives so many second chances, so much benefit of the doubt, overly charitable interpretations not to scare off people any 1 or 8 fixer would consider insufferable. 539 would be a decent typing though

    • Animal
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      Yeah I once told him I was between 8w9 and 9w8 for his gut fix, and it's definitely his last fix. He was leaning 9w8 himself. It could be more right. He seems very on point, no muddle, etc but he's an NT and 5w6 lead and if he is So/Sp that can give him some extra "heavy energy." So it very well may be 539.

    • BalalaikaBoy
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      yeah, a more animated 539 or a more focused 739. you make a good case for the former.