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Enneagram - I desire to learn more, but from where?

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    Enneagram - I desire to learn more, but from where?

    So, here's the thing:
    I am very much interested in learning more about the Enneagram. I already know a fair bit about it, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert. People here at the forum seem to have very interesting perspectives on the Enneagram, but I wonder, where can I learn more about the Enneagram the way it's viewed here on the forum? I was intrigued by the visual typings, but I find myself wondering how I can learn to do that myself? I imagine it's something you learn more by doing it, rather than just thinking about it. Thing is, I don't exactly know where to start.

    TL;DR --> Basically, I'm asking what your recommendations are for learning more about the Enneagram in terms of books, perspective, tips, you name it.

    What I have already read:
    • The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram
    • Personality types by Riso and Hudson
    • Facets of Unity, the Enneagram of Holy Ideas
    • The Enneagram by Helen Palmer
    • A whole array of articles on the types on Personalitycafe
    • The Ocean Moonshine website
    • Disparate pieces of some other books

    From Fixation to Freedom - by Eli Jaxson-Bear

    Character and Neurosis - by Claudio Naranjo. Keep in mind that this book is more about the lowest, most gutteral underpinnings. Keep in mind that Naranjo's 9 is pretty weak. Some of these are better than others. (For instance I think his 2 and 7 are pretty excellent.)

    I strongly recommend this next two. They are Short.

    Enneatype Structures by Naranjo

    Enneatypes in Psychotherapy. by Naranjo. Sorry, I didn't see this on Amazon.

    Beatrice Chestnut - The Complete Enneagram. I never thought I'd find myself recommending this, but I've actually come to realize her subtype descriptions were pretty on point. I find this most helpful in getting an 'archetypal feel' of what the types look like. Whereas some of the other books are more psychologically penetrating.

    Your list is closer to my early reading. It's funny I started out with the same stuff including the Facets of Unity, which many people don't even know about. But I feel like my breakthrough, and when I somehow realized I was a four - was after Naranjo.

    I read an additional Maitri book early on, too, which I found more interesting than the Spiritual Dimensions. It talks about the 'soul child' which is an interesting concept. Though I think she could have gone deeper and that maybe her coverage of it wasn't thorough, the idea of resisting the integration line as an intrinsic part of one's type structure was major food for thought for me.

    I also had read a few other books including more RH but nothing noteworthy. I haven't read a Tom Condon book in full but he's pretty good too.