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Culture: What do you think of your own?

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    Culture: What do you think of your own?

    We are all rooted in certain customs, norms and guidelines that govern our behavior. Between different areas these norms and values can differ tremendously. One culture promotes reservation, while in the other a certain forwardness is much appreciated. I'm not just talking about the culture of your country, but also perhaps of the city you live in or the family you were born into. Over time we (hopefully) come into content with more and more different cultures and develop our own view, perhaps more disconnected from the culture we live in.

    This is why I wonder what everyone thinks about their own (current or previous) culture(s). Does the culture feel like it suits/compliments your personality? Do you feel a strong contrast between yourself and the culture? What things do you appreciate about it? What do you dislike about it?

    Feel free to interpret the word 'culture' in a very wide manner. It can be at home, in your state/province, your country or your extended family; whatever you consider to be a form of culture relevant to you.
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