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Epstein story is not over: what else is ABC News hiding?

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    Epstein story is not over: what else is ABC News hiding?

    Project Veritas:
    "VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had Clinton, We had Everything""

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    Btw, if you search for "Project Veritas" and "Epstein" in the Youtube search box, you won't get their video if you are located in the USA (elsewhere in the world this is not censored this way)...

    ...even though the video was posted yesterday (11/05) and today already has over 2 million views.

    This is a different topic than the Epstein / ABC News story, but it is good to know that the ones who broke this to the public are actively being censored by Google (Youtube).


      Fake news and the conspiracies behind it has been my top political contention.

      Back in 2008, nobody was talking about fake news - except me . The popular dialogue was "Fox news lies!" Then you would ask, "Have you ever watched it?" "NO! YOU MUST BE A RACIST!"

      So this way the other news channels, who all supported the same powerful crooks on the left, would publish stories that helped their people and hurt the opposition. Opposition includes leftists that challenged the current power.

      Soros had money in those stations. He, along with other major crooks and institutions, had money in and other supposed 'fact check' sites. Fact check sites, along with most news outlets, would say that I don't have Lyme and that the current goings-on around Lyme are not what I know firsthand is the truth. My doctor leads the fight to get recognition for Lyme; it's world wide. But this is one of many things that isn't represented on fact check. So even if they do provide some stories and statistics that are accurate, they choose which ones to focus on and leave out others. Yet people take that as FACT and then refuse to watch things like Fox News, which may present an opposing point of view.

      Now I am not saying that Fox News is honest either. It probably isn't. But having stations that OPPOSE EACH OTHER forces more honesty and accountability from all stations involved. If everyone just listens and watches the same stations in a bubble, and they discard any right-leaning source as "lies and heresy," and don't even bother to read it, then that only enables the crooks to get more power on their own side. The best way for either "side," or any other set of beliefs, to be realistic and accountable - is to attend to the opposition with an open mind.

      But the news was designed this way, which is why Hillary could get away with saying republicans are "deplorables." Meanwhile the news (aside from Right-wing news) is covering up the truly deplorable crimes she has committed. Maybe the right wing is exaggerating or dishonest, but if the left is just preaching to people who ASSUME everything the right says is a deplorable lie, then they can sell basically any story to that same audience. (Obviously the same is true in reverse... but the Fox news people bring representatives from the Left, like really the FAR LEFT, not centrists who call themselves left --- to be interviewed, and they also encourage people to watch the other stations, which I respect.)

      So the problem is not "leftist policy" per se, but that crooks have taken over the media and sold it to people under the guise of 'left-supporters.' These are fascists. And they are covering up major lies and scandals. This will be coming out more and more while they waste resources searching for Trump crimes and fail to come up with any.


        I saw quite a lot of press coming out about the Epstein conspiracy a few weeks ago. Maybe not all of it the same as what you get in the States? One was a forensic pathologist stating that the autopsy showed clear signs of strangulation that you don’t see in suicides by hanging, ever in his long career.

        In my view and I am not a consipiracy theorist...but... I also know this is a quagmire case where lots of high positioned folks could go down at the moment, I think homicide is not that far of a stretch.

        “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms


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          I also saw some posts about the pathologist stating that the autopsy showed clear signs of strangulation, however, I still thinks it's being buried, because it's not coming close to making front page news. They are pushing junk about impeachment as first page news

        Hehe. I am definitely a conspiracy theorist. I assume there are strings being pulled behind everything. Seems self-evident to me as a part of human nature.

        When I was a kid and they were choosing the lead for a school play - there were politics about oweing someone's daughter a role, strings being pulled behind the scenes... etc. There were also politics behind who to punish and who not to - it wasn't about who actually did wrong.

        It's not my imagination - this was confirmed by other teachers who were friends with people I know, etc.

        Then in real local theater outside school, even more so. Everyone owed everyone favors; it was never about who was really talented. So it became obvious at a young age that this takes place everywhere.
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          Oh, I wasn’t referring to this sort of thing as per “conspiracy theorist”. I take this for granted as well. It’s human nature to conspire and manipulate behind the scenes.

          What I was referring to was more along the lines of people who get into anything bad happening having a de facto conspiracy behind it. This isn’t always the case.