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Typing Questionnaire - 20 Questions

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    Typing Questionnaire - 20 Questions

    Please do not answer here. Post your answers in your typing thread if you wish to be typed. If you wish to answer just for fun, post the answers here:

    This thread will be used to discuss the questionnaire itself. Feel free to offer feedback on the questionnaire so that the mods may improve it over time.

    1. What's behind your avatar and forum name?

    2. Why do you get up in the morning?

    3. Which animal do you relate to most? Why?

    4. What natural element do you connect to most? Why?

    5. What do you do?

    6. Do you have any physical objects in your home that are significant to you? If so, tell us about them.

    7. What's the most significant thing that happened to you this year? Why?

    8. Do you remember your dreams? If so, what are some themes that come up often in your dream life?

    9. What are your views on marriage?

    10. What's your diet and workout routine?

    11. Is there a celebrity that you admire or enjoy? Why?

    12. Is your physical appearance important to you? What is your relationship to your own beauty?

    13. Do you get bored easily? What do you do when you're bored?

    14. What do other people envy about you?

    15. What are you attracted to in other people?

    16. Is there a celebrity who you hate? Why?

    17. Have you been angry about something this week? If so, what?

    18. Congrats, you just won a billion dollars. What would you do?

    19. What's on your mind lately?

    20. Do you have any alter-egos or fictional characters of your own that are significant to you? Tell us about them.

    Bonus, for typees:
    Let's talk about your typing history. Which types have stood out to you as strong possibilities and why? What have you typed at in the past and why?