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    If acting like a belligerent asshat (ie, like 90% of activists) gets someone to "stop the hate", that means two things
    1) they never actually hated you. you were wasting your time
    2) that person was a pussy who rolls over to pugnacious histrionics, not someone with actual principles


      while we're on that topic, if y'all wanna talk about "hate crimes", when you compare the ratio of hate crimes to % of the population, whites (60.1% of population) are underrepresented while blacks (13.4%) are almost twice as likely (keeping in mind that, in any given year, there are like 6,000 hate crimes out of a population of 300,000,000, or 0.002% of people. just in case anyone was tempted to take that assertion in the opposite direction.)

      Click image for larger version

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